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What is hovos all about?

Hovos is a marketplace for connecting 'hosts' to 'volunteers'. A host needs help with something and in return for this offers accommodation and meals to the volunteer.

Examples of a typical host

  • French owner of a chateau needs help with maintaining the large garden
  • Family in Rome needs an au pair to care for their child
  • Spanish family wants to learn English

Typically volunteers offer their help and in this way reduce their travel expenses. Many of them are budget travelers, but they are also interested in meeting other people in other cultures and gaining experience in doing something.


As a host you offer accommodatian & meals for travelers, who help you with a project in return.

You have a project you are burning for, but need some people to get this done.

Create your project profile and get volunteers to help you out.

Volunteers willing to help you out.


As a volunteer you offer a helping hand for accommodation & meals.
This will limit your travel expenses to transportation costs.

While traveling you love to meet locals and get an insight in their lifestyle.

Help your host with the daily work or project to get it done.

Hosts that need help with their projects


You can create an account for free however to fully use the service an annual 'membership fee' of 25 dollars or 25 euros is required. There are no additional costs.

Being a member builds more trust and therefore we show members first; this accounts for both volunteers and hosts. Members can also increase the trust by verifying their mobile phone and passport. Increased trust means more chance to find a host or volunteer.

Hovos travel sim

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