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Are you specifically looking for volunteering opportunities that involve forestry?

Would you rather spot bobcats in a forest than take care of a domesticated cat at your host's house?

Forest work can run a spectrum of tasks. Your assistance may be needed in cutting trees, mechanical help with machines, transportation of timber, or eco-projects involving farming. Your hosts may request your help supervising their kids whilst they are at work in the forest.

Expect to work hard and sweat it out. Forestry is physically strenuous so unless you're fit and willing to handle machines, you may find the project quite challenging. Having said that, we want to add that the particulars of the job will be stated by your host during your online interactions with him/her. Understand their requirements and expectations carefully before agreeing to volunteer for their project

Think you're up to more robust tasks out in the wild? If yes, then you will find this project interesting.


Hovos connects travelers with hosts who have a labor shortage and need help carrying out forest work. As a host taking in a foreign traveler - you provide accommodation and food free of cost.

In return, the individual you're hosting will help out with tasks you've assigned to them.

Our volunteers are intelligent, honest and willing to learn. They're responsible individuals, knowing full well that they have to make good on their project in order to gain a comfortable, economical stay in a foreign country. They may also lend a hand with basic tasks around the house, such as cleaning, gardening and maintenance work.

Wins from this experience

As a host you will learn to cooperate with and take care of your volunteer(s). You’ll be able to get more work done without any huge increases in costs. Furthermore, a host will learn more about the country, background, culture and lifestyle of their travelers – it’s a great experience and exchange.

Travelers interested in forest work

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If you have experience with forest work, you'll be a natural in the great outdoors of that dream destination you've always wanted to visit. Immerse yourself in the sounds of the jungle and indulge in wildlife viewing. Depending upon the location, you may encounter a variety of mammals, birds, reptiles and insects. There will be photo opps galore, so take some time to capture the natural beauty of the area.

Interested in plants and their many uses? Your host may point out medicinal or rare herbs, flowers and trees during your stints in the forest. After you're done with work or on days when workers get a day off, you can plan a picnic in the forest and enjoy it in a more relaxed and leisurely way.

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Wins from this experience

As a volunteer traveler, you won't get paid in cash (a generous host may give you a stipend), but your host will provide you free food and accommodation throughout your stay on their premises. You will get the opportunity to work alongside locals and mingle with the townsfolk. You can learn the local language, teach them yours, and enjoy a real cultural experience.

Hosts that need help with forest work

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What is the cost to sign up as a Host or Traveler?

Traveler Membership: $10/Year This gives them full access to all hosts as well as a FREE Travel SIM. However, they can create an account for free so they can start ‘favoriting hosts’ and build their profile - but advanced features such as contacting hosts will be unavailable until they become members.

Host Membership: $0/Year It is free for hosts to sign up and they can begin contacting travelers immediately.

An additional advantage of being a member is that you become more trustworthy and therefore members will be shown first on the website. Members can build up more trust by verifying their mobile phone and passport as well.

Are you interested in different types of work?

If you’re not interested in forestry work or you need help with a different type of project, there are many other categories available. Once you sign up, you can select as many different categories as you like.

Hovos offers language practice, help with art projects, gardening, internet support, tourist support and many other options!