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Get help for your art project, or work on an art project as a volunteer

Art projects vary in size. History has shown that a single person can create the most astonishing art projects. Take Leonardo da Vinci, for example, who created the Mona Lisa that we still see today. However as the size of a project differs, most artists had pupils to assist them while working on an art project. For da Vinci, for example, this was Salaì. He was known as one of da Vinci's students and also featured as a model. Eventually Salaì also created his own art projects, where the Monna Vanna is one of his best-known creations.

Wouldn't it be amazing to have the opportunity to future in the role of Salaì? To be part of an amazing art project? To create something unique? At Hovos we offer you the possibility to become part of this.

Start making history by contributing
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Art projects can be extensive and you might need help once in a while. At Hovos you can share your project and ask for assistance. We have the possibility to get you in touch with thousands of volunteers who might be interested in your project.

When creating a profile online a volunteer can fill out in what areas one is experienced in. For example our volunteers can fill out that they've experience working in art projects.

Also the host can indicate what type of experience is needed. With this, Hovos tries to bring together hosts and volunteers. You'll make sure your volunteers have a place to sleep and eat. In return volunteers will help you.

Wins from this experience

As a host in art projects you will learn to cooperate with and take care of your volunteer(s). Furthermore, a host will learn more about the country, background, culture and lifestyle of the volunteer, which can broaden up its view in life.

Volunteers interested in art projects

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Whether you're interested in helping on an art project or want to teach a language, we offer projects worldwide. This gives you, as a volunteer, the opportunity to travel to countries you've always dreamed of, while reducing the costs. Also you'll be helping out others and that always feels good!

At Hovos we offer you the possibility to start helping on art projects all over the world. You can sign up as a volunteer and create your own unique profile. With this profile you can search for specific projects you might find interesting. You can filter by country or period to select the project that suits you best. Your host will provide room and board. In return you'll help to create that awesome art project for your host.

Wins from this experience

As a volunteer in art projects you will create something unique , but you will also learn how to live abroad with another family far away from your familiar surroundings. You will gain more knowledge about their lifestyle and traditions. It's a win-win situation for both. Hovos brings hosts and volunteers together.

Hosts that need help with art projects

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What is the price of hosting or volunteering in art projects?

Are you interested in hosting or volunteering in art projects and are you curious about the payment? At Hovos, there are two options for hosts and volunteers concerning payment.

You could join Hovos for free and you pay a service fee or you could become a member and you pay an annual membership fee. Non-members will have to pay 10 dollars or 10 euros when a host and a volunteer agree on a help-offer through Hovos. Members will have to pay an annual payment of 25 dollars or 25 euros without additional costs.

The advantage of being a member is that you become more trustworthy and therefore members will be shown first on the website. Members could build up more trust by adding their mobile phone and passport.

Do you need help from different kinds of expertise?

Are you not looking for language practice, but you need help on other expertise? At Hovos, you can easily select the expertise you need help in.

Hovos offers animal care, art project, gardening, internet support, computer help and many other kinds of expertise.