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As a member of Hovos we give you a free travel sim card (without any credit). We will send it to you free of charge. As we desparately need more volunteers, we lowered the membership fee for new signups to just $10 / €10 (normal fee is $25 / €25). For just 10 dollar or euro you are listed on Hovos for 1 full year ! Wanna go for this offer? : click here .

  • Free incoming calls in over 95 countries, coverage in 200 countries
  • Low cost calls, data & SMS worldwide - reduce roaming fees by up to 95%
  • Once your travel SIM arrives you can add data bundles
  • Can be used as a data SIM for iPads and tablets
  • 4G SIM works in any unlocked handset and is compatible with all SIM sizes
  • Keep your existing number using our Virtual Number service


Pre-Paid travel sim card

No line rental, no set up charges, no contracts and no hidden costs. All you pay is the cost of the calls, texts & data you use. Unlike other travel sim cards that expire in 90 days, with the Hovos Travel Sim your international sim card will remain active for a full 365 days since the last activity on the SIM and there is no monthly top up requirement.

Top up anytime anywhere

Easily manage your balance at anytime and anywhere in the world. You can top up online, set automatic top ups or contact us by email (

online billing

Manage your account online. You can see exactly how much you've spent, view itemised billing and you can access online help.

works in all unlocked phones

Our 4G global sim card is compatible with all unlocked mobile handsets, you can use your Hovos Travel Sim card in any handset that uses normal, micro or nano sim cards. We will give you 4G in all the countries it is available.

call through technology

Other travel sim cards operate on call backs, where you make a call, get cut off and then are called back within a minute. With the Hovos Travel Sim the majority of destinations are called and connected immediately - just like on your normal home sim.

one sim multiple numbers

The Hovos Travel Sim comes by default with a UK (+44) mobile number. You can add local country numbers to your sim card in about 50 countries. So if you are in France for a while you can rent a local number for the time you are in France. You can also rent a virtual number from your country of residence and forward all call to this number, which in many cases will be free of charge on your regular mobile contract.

Premium quality voice calls

We use Tier 1 carriers for crystal clear calls. With the Hovos Travel Sim you do not compromise on voice quality in order to bring you low rates.



Data bundles

Once you receive your Hovos Travel Sim you will be able to add international data bundles up to 1GB, for over 100 countries, which can save you a fortune on data roaming!

Add unlimited numbers to your sim

The Hovos Travel Sim comes standard with a UK (+44) phone numbers. You can add more phone numbers to your sim with our Virtual Number service. Choose phone numbers from over 50 different countries.

More coverage

As the Hovos Travel Sim is a global sim card it offers more coverage than the average sim. You can stay connected in 200 countries. The sim card is 4G enabled, which is available in most countries.

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Check Data Bundles

Get an International Data Bundle for your Hovos Travel SIM card!
Get even lower data rates with an international data bundle that lasts for up to 30 days...

Select the country you are travelling to:

United Kingdom recommended operators: Vodafone, O2, EE



You can also purchase this bundle from your pay as you go credit by dialling: *126*83403#

Total Cost: €40.00

Roam with your existing number

Add multiple numbers to your HOVOS Travel SIM

You can add multiple phone numbers to your Hovos Travel Sim roaming SIM card. Our SIM cards comes by default with a UK number but if you want to add other countries as well there are over 50 countries to choose from. If you live in any of these 50 countries you can use this service to roam on your existing number without roaming charges. There is no limit to how many numbers you can add to your sim.

virtual numbers

The Virtual Number service is a revolutionary service which gives you the ability to add local phone numbers to your Hovos Travel Sim. This opens a world of opportunities as now you can make and receive calls on local phone numbers from over 50 countries and there is no limit on the amount of virtual phone numbers you can have on your sim card.



Get a virtual phone number from over 50 countries; you can choose local phone numbers from many different cities within these countries. We continually add more countries all the time so ensure you signup to the newsletter to be informed of updates like these.

Get a United States number from
3.00 /month

There is a small charge of receiving calls on a virtual number.

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