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Taking care of your home

House-sitting is what you do when you take responsibility for a home when the owners of the house are away. As the house sitter, you take care of the home's basic maintenance, like cleaning up etc. and also make sure that everything that needs care gets it.

For example, the owner may have plants that need to be watered and pruned from time and time. They may have a pool that needs to be covered once summer is over or cleaned out when too many leaves fall into the water. They may have a lawn that needs trimming and watering regularly or birds that need to be fed. All of the things that go with the house are your responsibility as a house-sitter. Of course, you are also responsible for making sure that the house is safe and protected from burglary or damage by outsiders.

Get help with taking care of your home, in exchange for meals and accommodation


Anxious about leaving your home unattended while you are away on important business? Have you been putting off a much needed vacation just because you cannot leave your home locked up? Hesitate to go away for a while because you don't want to leave your well-tended garden or your beloved pets at home without someone to care for them? Hovos volunteers can give you the answer you need.

Sign up on our portal and find a house-sitting volunteer who matches your preferences. In return for staying at your home free of cost, the volunteer will take over the responsibility of looking after your home while you are gone. Discuss what you need done and you are free to go on your vacation or your work without anxiety about what is happening to your home in your absence.

Wins from this experience

With someone in the house, making sure that it is cleaned, protected and maintained just like it needs to be, there is no need to constantly worry while you are not here. Sign up with Hovos today and start assessing volunteer profiles. Don't hesitate to drop us a line if you have any questions.

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If you have a project to do in a remote location or you want to attend a an educational course there or maybe you just want to visit the location and look around as a tourist. What's the first thing you do? You look for accommodation there. If it is an unfamiliar place, you have no idea which hotels or rooms are safe or how convenient they really are. Plus there is the expense factor involved. You may find yourself running up a big bill just for your hotel room may find that it is actually rather far away from where you needed or would have preferred to be.

Hovos can help here. All you need to do is look for hosts who need house-sitters for their home in the location you want to visit. Connect with them and finalize your agreement and you have a home that you can use for the duration of your stay.

Wins from this experience

In return all you have to do is take care of the house, just like you would do if it were your own. No need to pay and there's no need to worry about missing out on creature comforts that you would have had to forgo if you were living out of a hostel or budget hotel. Be assured that you will get everything you need to feel right 'at home'!

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What is the price of hosting or volunteering in housesitting?

Are you interested in hosting or volunteering in animal care and are you curious about the payment? At Hovos, there are two options for hosts and volunteers concerning payment.

You could join Hovos for free and you pay a service fee or you could become a member and you pay an annual membership fee. Non-members will have to pay 10 dollars or 10 euros when a host and a volunteer agree on a help-offer through Hovos. Members will have to pay an annual payment of 25 dollars or 25 euros without additional costs.

The advantage of being a member is that you become more trustworthy and therefore members will be shown first on the website. Members could build up more trust by adding their mobile phone and passport.

Do you need help from different kinds of expertise?

Are you not looking for language practice, but you need help on other expertise? At Hovos, you can easily select the expertise you need help in.

Hovos offers animal care, art project, gardening, internet support, computer help and many other kinds of expertise.