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Is fruit picking difficult?

Fruit picking is a physical activity that will exhaust you. But it certainly isn't an impossibly hard endeavor.

If you've done it before, you'll know what we're talking about. If you haven't, talk to people who have and they'll tell you that planting, picking, weeding and packing are quite easy.

Like being out in nature with the sunlight on your face and wind through your hair?

You're sure to enjoy fruit picking.

Fruit picking and harvest work have always been backpackers' back-up plan during financial straits.


Is it peak harvest period? Is your crop calendar telling you it's time to start planning harvesting and packing?

You'll probably need some help unless you have a large enough worker population to leverage. You may also be looking at ways to cut down on the labor costs of fruit picking. If that's the case, we can make the job of finding fruit pickers easy for you.

On Hovos, you'll find a number of enthusiastic travelers volunteering for your fruit picking project. You don't have to pay them, only take of their meals and accommodation. It's a win-win for you and the volunteer.

Wins from this experience

As a host in fruit picking you will learn to cooperate with and take care of your volunteer(s). Furthermore, a host will learn more about the country, background, culture and lifestyle of the volunteer, which can broaden up its view in life.

Volunteers interested in fruit picking

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Fruit picking will take you to remote towns. As you work and live with other workers, you will understand the local culture better than if you were to stay at a hotel in the city or town center. This is your chance to not just observe locals but be around them and live like any one of them!

Fruit picking is more than just harvesting and picking fruit. It is also about sharing a sense of community and fostering resilience. If such experiences are important to you, consider this project seriously.

Of course, an important reason for choosing this project is that you don't have to worry about the costs of accommodation and food.

In return for your fruit picking assistance, your host will provide you free meals and comfortable shelter.

Some fruit pickers who do the job for money may complain that they are overworked and underpaid. The reason could simply be that they have unwittingly ended up working for the wrong people.

Hovos gives you an opportunity to interact with potential hosts in advance, so you can decide who you want to assist with their project.

Also, as being paid is not your sole goal, you won't have the misgivings of those who take up the job to earn cash.

Wins from this experience

Fruit picking is one of our most popular projects. The adventure draws many backpackers to scenic areas, and as such, the competition can be quite tough! Having said that, there are also plenty of fruit picking jobs during the busy harvest period. We advise you to sign up quickly and set sail for the experience of a lifetime!

Hosts that need help in fruit picking

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What is the price of hosting or volunteering in fruit picking?

Are you interested in hosting or volunteering in fruit picking and are you curious about the payment? At Hovos, there are two options for hosts and volunteers concerning payment.

You could join Hovos for free and you pay a service fee or you could become a member and you pay an annual membership fee. Non-members will have to pay 10 dollars or 10 euros when a host and a volunteer agree on a help-offer through Hovos. Members will have to pay an annual payment of 25 dollars or 25 euros without additional costs.

The advantage of being a member is that you become more trustworthy and therefore members will be shown first on the website. Members could build up more trust by adding their mobile phone and passport.

Do you need help from different kinds of expertise?

Are you not looking for fruit picking, but you need help on other expertise? At Hovos, you can easily select the expertise you need help in.

Hovos offers animal care, art project, gardening, internet support, computer help and many other kinds of expertise.