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Connect with hosts who need help sailing their boat

Though you don't need a certificate for boat handling, you must be perfect with the basics to meet your host's requirements in a meaningful way. Getting started with the fundamentals and best practices of boat handling and sailing is quite simple, but it can take years to be an expert at it.

Inexperienced boaters will tell you that operating a boat is different from driving an automobile - accustomization and practice are key to efficient and safe operations. Boat handling skills improve with time, and boaters become more confident as they gain more experience.

Some of the important boat handling skills include:

  • Slip and slide
  • Parallel parking
  • Spin cycle
  • Tying and knots
  • Setting two anchors
  • Crabbing
  • Smart control in the event of an emergency ('man overboard' situations)
  • Docking

Hauling your hosts and/or their guests over the water
is an enjoyable and refreshing activity.


Do you need a boat handler for your leisure, educational or commercial project?

Sailing and boat handling are among the many skills that the volunteers at Hovos possess. Leverage the skill and experience of boat handlers who're essentially travelers looking to provide their services in return for free stay and meals. Besides boat operations, you can discuss assigning cleaning duties such as cleaning boats and boat docks, trash removal, sweeping of indoor/outdoor pathways, and other tasks, with volunteers.

Get in touch with interested volunteers at the earliest. Ask the right questions and have them send copies of their driver's license before bringing them on board your project.

Wins from this experience

As a host in boating projects you will learn to cooperate with and take care of your volunteer(s). Furthermore, a host will learn more about the country, background, culture and lifestyle of the volunteer, which can broaden up its view in life.

Volunteers interested in boating projects

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If you're a qualified boat handler, apply for the project immediately. You will get the opportunity to interact with people from various cultures and backgrounds. Hauling your hosts and/or their guests over the water is an enjoyable and refreshing activity. If your host is engaging in an eco or lab project requiring sea trips or collection of water samples, you can have a quiet, relaxing experience in a tranquil environment.

Expect hosts to ask for previous experience in sailing and boat operations. Some may require you to have a driver's license and clean driving record. Experience reading maps may come in handy for some projects. If you have the requisite qualifications as well as the physical dexterity to accomplish the tasks asked, get in touch with hosts today.

Wins from this experience

As a volunteer in boating projects you will create something unique , but you will also learn how to live abroad with another family far away from your familiar surroundings. You will gain more knowledge about their lifestyle and traditions. It's a win-win situation for both. Hovos brings hosts and volunteers together.

Hosts that need help with boating

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What is the price of hosting or volunteering in boating projects?

Are you interested in hosting or volunteering in boating projects and are you curious about the payment? At Hovos, there are two options for hosts and volunteers concerning payment.

You could join Hovos for free and you pay a service fee or you could become a member and you pay an annual membership fee. Non-members will have to pay 10 dollars or 10 euros when a host and a volunteer agree on a help-offer through Hovos. Members will have to pay an annual payment of 25 dollars or 25 euros without additional costs.

The advantage of being a member is that you become more trustworthy and therefore members will be shown first on the website. Members could build up more trust by adding their mobile phone and passport.

Do you need help from different kinds of expertise?

Are you not looking for boat handlers, but you need help on other expertise? At Hovos, you can easily select the expertise you need help in.

Hovos offers animal care, art project, gardening, internet support, computer help and many other kinds of expertise.