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Find skillful people for hostel management

Managing a hostel involves exemplary management skills but no matter how skilled you are in this respect, there are times when you simply cannot handle the many challenges that tend to crop up on a regular basis.

Looking after maintenance tasks, getting major repairs done to perfection, managing finances, tracking cash inflows and outflows and many, many more tasks make the hostel manager's job a really complex and challenging one.

If you find yourself getting bogged down by the various responsibilities but you cannot afford to appoint an assistant, Hovos can help.

Managing a hostel is no easy task yet there is no question of compromising anywhere.

How can you benefit as a Hovos host?

Once you sign up as a Hovos host, you can search through our volunteer listings to find people who have skills that you can use in hostel management.

For example, if you need help getting repairs done to perfection, a volunteer who has carpentry or construction experience may be a great asset. If you need help maintain the financials, get someone with accountancy training or a finance qualification as a volunteer.

Your volunteer stays with you and in exchange for accommodation and food, they help you with any task of your choosing. The only thing that you need to be sure of is to find the volunteer with the right profile.

There is no cash transaction that can add to your costs, there is no obligation to hire anyone for any period of time. It is an open ended arrangement that is beneficial to you and the volunteer.

Wins from this experience

As a host in hostel support you will learn to cooperate with and take care of your volunteer(s). Furthermore, a host will learn more about the country, background, culture and lifestyle of the volunteer, which can broaden up its view in life.

Volunteers interested in hostel support

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Gain excellent experience in hostel management if you are keen to start one of your own by volunteering for a host who manages one. Learn how the hostel is run, understand the responsibilities and get a feel for the typical challenges that a hostel owner faces. Not interested in running your own hostel? The experience can still be valuable in so many other ways.

Volunteering to assist in running a hostel gives you exposure to managing people from various backgrounds and cultures. It tells you how to handle maintenance issues in an establishment of any kind, teaches you to assume leadership when required and helps you assess your inherent people and situation management skills.

You get all of this experience at no cost. Just sign up as a volunteer at Hovos, list out your skills and find a great host. You get free accommodation and free food in exchange for your help in running the hostel, which means you get free experience too. With Hovos acting as a bridge between hosts and volunteers, there is much to gain for both parties.

There is no registration fee for signing up and either party can choose the latter based on the description of the job or the skills posted online. The perfect opportunity to find the skilled help you need or to test your skills out in the field, Hovos is truly a unique proposition that you should explore right away.

Wins from this experience

As a volunteer in hostel support you will create something unique, and you will also learn how to live abroad with another family far away from your familiar surroundings. You will gain more knowledge about their lifestyle and traditions. It's a win-win situation for both. Hovos brings hosts and volunteers together.

Hosts that need help in hostel support

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What is the price of hosting or volunteering in hostel support?

Are you interested in hosting or volunteering in hostel support and are you curious about the payment? At Hovos, there are two options for hosts and volunteers concerning payment.

You could join Hovos for free and you pay a service fee or you could become a member and you pay an annual membership fee. Non-members will have to pay 10 dollars or 10 euros when a host and a volunteer agree on a help-offer through Hovos. Members will have to pay an annual payment of 25 dollars or 25 euros without additional costs.

The advantage of being a member is that you become more trustworthy and therefore members will be shown first on the website. Members could build up more trust by adding their mobile phone and passport.

Do you need help from different kinds of expertise?

Are you not looking for hostel support, but you need help on other expertise? At Hovos, you can easily select the expertise you need help in.

Hovos offers animal care, art project, gardening, internet support, computer help and many other kinds of expertise.