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How it works is a marketplace for connecting hosts & volunteers

What is a host?

A host needs a helping hand and in return accommodates a volunteer and shares meals.

What is a volunteer?

A volunteer travels and needs accommodation and meals.

How does it work, step by step:

1) Sign up as a host or volunteer and create your profile
2) As a volunteer: contact hosts and offer your help
    As a host: contact volunteers and ask for help
3) Discuss the stay, work to be done, dates, helping hours etc
4) Accept or decline

How much does it cost?

For volunteers / travelers
In order to use Hovos including all features a membership fee applies of $25 / €25 per year and no other costs. Non members can still use the website, but cannot contact hosts. If a host contacts a traveler and a deal is being established a service fee applies of $10 / €10.

For hosts
Hosts can use Hovos for the first year without any risk: no help received, no costs. If a host establishes a deal with a volunteer, a service fee applies of $10 / €10. After the first year a membership fee applies of $25 / €25.

For more information please visit our help pages.