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Yannis (18)

World, Europe, Switzerland, Aarau

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Do everything conscientiously but don't take life to seriously

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German, English, Spanish, French
My french isn't the best, but as it is one of the four official languages in my country, I've been learning it in school for the last 7 years and would make fast progress with a little help.

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I'm an 18 years old student from Switzerland, that likes to make new friends and experiences and tries to fill his vacations from school with some little adventures. I have already spent a year abroad in Central America while learning Spanish and I'd like to brush up on my Spanish skills. Besides Spanish, I also speak German as my native language alongside English and some French.
As I'm still a Student, I can't present any diploma besides the graduation of the regular school in my country. Still I am really interested in doing other things beside studying and would like to gather experiences in more physical activities such as farming, gardening and construction.

Preferred location

As I'd like to brush op on my Spanish, I would like to spend time in a Spanish speaking country. I think Spain would be the ideal match for me, as I could also get to know the Spanish or "original" version of the language and besides that, I'm really into the culture there.
I could also imagine spending time in the south part of Franc as I once visited Marseille and really liked the style there. Although my French isn't near perfect, i think I could benefit strongly from the extra practice.


Although I don't have any certified paper about skills in construction or farming, I would say, that at least I am physically able to perform exhausting activities and open to instructions and supporting works, that may not require any specific knowledge in the field of work .

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I am not a smoker, don't have a drivers license, I am not a vegetarian and I have no allergies.

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  • construction
  • farming
  • gardening

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France, Spain

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