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If you want to be treated well in this world, you should treat others well.

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I also speak Filipino language. I can understand a little Korean language.

About me

Call me Yang,
I'm a volunteer teacher , and I want to explore the earth! by walking.
I am once in a life time extraordinary kind of a woman. Lol haha. I just want a simple life.
I want to do mural painting around the world
I'm promoting healthy active lifestyle through running
I like discovering new possibilities and skills,
I love cooking (especially vegetables)
I love talking new ideas & experience of life, for me this is the purpose of Volunteering, its about sharing what happened into our life,
your lesson's learned that you can advice to your future friends,
giving the chance to know other people around the world,
breaking the rules of the earth like language, religion, races, bank accounts and status in life.
my dream in life is to be fluent in these 6 languages :
Spanish, (my first language)
Japanese, Arab, Hebrew, Chinese, Korean
Electrical engineer is my full time job. I am also certified TEFL. I am teaching English thru online class to sustain my financial life in the road.


Hi, my name is Rochelle, I am a certified TEFL teacher. what can I offer to the host is, I can teach you English, help to enhance your English lessons, I can also paint, do some mural paintings. I very open to every volunteer opportunity.

Additional info

I am not a smoker, don't have a drivers license, I am not a vegetarian and I have no allergies.

Type of work I want to do

  • art projects
  • gardening
  • hostel support
  • house sitting
  • language practice
  • teaching projects
  • tourist support

Where I want to volunteer

South America

Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Peru

More photos about me

I am teaching the kids.
with my co volunteer
working time
teaching time with my co volunteer