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I was born speaking french, learnt and worked in spanish, portuguese and english for the last 8 years, so I speak them seeemlessly, and I learnt German at school, so I'm a bit rusty ;)

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more than 6 month ago

About me

I'm a globe-trotter. I live in Brazil now, was born and raised in France, did an internship in India, a gap year between Canada and Mexico and worked in Ireland before that. I generally travel to 2/3 new countries per year.
I have great language and communication skills, I'm fluent in French, English, Portuguese and Spanish and learnt German at school.
I'm a very outgoing and social person, love to make friends and organize events to meet up and network.
I also love to cook, make drinks, dance, practice sport (the more radical the better). I have licenses to drive a boat, a moto and a car, and to jump out of a place wink
And I love to use my hands to make things: furnitures, objects or just to fix stuff when needed (yes, Pinterest changed my life).
Professionally, I've been working in marketing for over 10 years, in agency, companies, and start ups. From branding to lead generation, this is really my turf.

Preferred location

I want to go travel the world in the search of new experiences and cultures. I don't really care about which countries it takes me, as the one I know less will probably be the most surprising...


I'm a marketing guy, working in digital. I have all the skills needed to build and take care of the communication of an organization (from strategy to advertising to video making and copywriting), but I'm also quite a handy man: I built furniture of my living room by myself and painted my room more than once.
Before starting my career, I worked in bars and restaurant for years, so I rock behind a bar, a cooking stand, or to attend tables. I also organize events and tours pretty well.
Last I speak 4 languages fluently, and can teach the basics for all of them.
Try me!

Additional info

I am not a smoker, don't have a drivers license, I am not a vegetarian and I have no allergies.

Type of work I want to do

  • help in the house
  • language practice
  • maintenance tasks
  • teaching projects
  • charity work
  • computer help
  • eco projects
  • internet support
  • tourist support

Where I want to volunteer


India, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Mongolia, Thailand


Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Hungary, Sweden


Kenya, Madagascar, Mauritius, Reunion, Senegal, Seychelles, South Africa


Bahamas, Barbados, Cuba, Dominica, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Trinidad & Tobago

South America

Ecuador, Venezuela


Australia, French Polynesia, New Caledonia, New Zealand, Vanuatu

Middle East

Israel, Jordan, Lebanon

Central America

Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Nicaragua

North America


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