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I am an African fellow with many ambitions and aspirations to fulfill. My main passions are charity work and civil work. Helping myself and others to improve their living conditions is my mission. I find myself regularly working with others, some who are clearly in need, while others find difficulties in creating opportunities for themselves because of different life challenges.
In addition I undertake regular sport activities including swimming which I secured several medals in school competitions. I love music and listens to various types of it. I am a popular person with a while social circle including almost all sectors of the society and types of individuals. My exceptional communication skills made it easy for me to form new relationships and maintain long lived ones. My priority has been my family who I am very proud of. They are successful individuals and full of passion towards their ambitions and goals.
I am a type of person that puts a smile on his face no matter what, as well as filling the surrounding I am in with laughter and humor. In fact I received many recommendations on how I should enter the field of acting as a comedian due to my high sense of humor and exquisite communication skills. Moreover, I recently started writing poetry as I found it a magnificent way to express my thoughts, feelings and emotions. Finally, being exposed to different cultures and backgrounds has always been my thing.


My vision for my future started since I was a child as I used to exploit going out with my family members in dwelling in the architectural buildings within our surrounding. I used to imitate at the fine beauty of constructions such as bridges, tunnels, skyscrapers, sometimes using sand and Lego pieces. This has resulted in a series of questions that I used to ask people around me. Moreover, at the fourth grade I was proudly chosen to visit Corinthian’s Tower construction site as I was the first of my class, which is the largest and highest building in Sudan since then. This visit actually ignited the passion towards building and constructing as I found myself taken by the empowering view of the building. Leading to me stepping forward and asking the labourers many satisfactory questions. As I went through my high school certificate I was delighted by the fact that I was able to achieve the required result (90.60%) for the enrolment in the University Of Khartoum – faculty of civil engineering. The University of the Khartoum is the first ever university in Sudan, originally called Gordon’s University. This achievement was the candle that brightened my path to making my childhood dreams come true.
My interest in structural engineering was enhanced during my university years and after graduation. The practical experience that I gained as a project engineer in rural areas improved my knowledge and increased my interest in this area.
Another aspiration that resulted from my tour around Sudan and the African continent is to study Urban and Regional Development. I could briefly notice the huge differences in the socio-economic status through different cities. For example, just by moving hundred kilometres in any direction away from Khartoum you could easily notice the deference in infrastructures.
Studying urban planning course will empower me with the knowledge and provide me with the necessary skills to achieve my vision of developing the infrastructure of Sudan.
My leadership skills were clearly noticed since an early age. In the university I wasn’t the most talented player. However, I was nominated as team captain due to my exquisite communication skills and my ability to motivate others and raise the team’s spirit.
Voluntary work is a key ingredient in the recipe for leadership. Working with (Sadagaat) for five years I developed a wider perspective, creativity, and excellent networking as well as hone leadership qualities. I started as a former volunteer and in no time I was responsible for supervising small groups of volunteers. Moreover, I was elected to organise big events such as preparing and serving two thousand meals for people in need daily through the holy month of Ramadan. I also played an important role in organising social events. The biggest event I actively participated in was raising people awareness towards breast cancer in October this year.
Gateway offers many training programs in the field of human development worldwide, such as Gate of success, the professional lecturer training and many other programs. As a trainer. I was in charge of a continuously changing group of 100 trainees. I always ensured that they are actively engaged in the group discussion and are able to absorb the knowledge and great outcomes of 30 hours’ experience distributed over three consecutive days. Because of my enthusiastic and dedicated personality I was nominated as the most outstanding trainer from 50 other trainers in the program.
There is no doubt that improving education is the best way to impact the current generation. Therefore, I became a volunteer with (Education without Borders) in Sudan since it was established in 2011. As part of my work with this organisation, I regularly gave drawing and mathematics classes in reformation prisons in Khartoum and participated in a monthly event called (Hit And Run) for reconstructing and painting old schools.
I am a founder of a group called (I Am Sudan) which is responsible for creating many events to stimulate the creation of a positive image of Sudan in people’s minds to overcome the misconception about war and insecurity. We started by interviewing people from all over the world asking them about what do they know about Sudan and if they want to visit this amazing country. Enabling us to direct our efforts to the highlighted problems. We are currently working on small media projects to improve the international awareness about Sudan. We also noticed that improving the English language of locals is a major way to improve tourism. Therefore we established small English clubs in Khartoum.
Since I became the head of general relations department in (Wasifa) association, I was able to develop excellent networking skills. I had to regularly communicate with people from different professional backgrounds. I lead various projects including academic, sport and cultural activities. For example, (The engineer week) is a 7 days event organised every 2 years with a budget of more than thirty thousand US Dollars and attended by more than 5000 people. This event required a huge effort in liaising and communicating with sponsoring companies. This helped polishing my communication, organization and time management skills. I also regularly represented the association in events and meetings outside the university. I continue to actively support the association.
In 2014, I and four of my colleagues were keen to broaden our knowledge about education in foreign universities. We initiated the contact with two universities in Addis Abba and Kuala Lumpur and we were successfully able to arrange an agreement to attend several short courses for free. I also played a major role in liaising with sponsoring companies and institutions to cover traveling and accommodation expenses. This was an amazing academic and cultural experience. Following that, an agreement was made between our university and these two universities to start students exchange programs.
Last September I did a ten days meditation course in Kenya. After finishing the course I had a great opportunity to know new people. I also had the chance to travel through Europe using an application called (Couchsurfing) for free accommodation, which enabled me to have a remarkable experience exchanging cultures and creating relationships with local people. In Europe, people that I met were amazed by my character, hard work and my ability to speak three languages fluently. This experience positively influenced my relationships and developed my networking skills.
As a Sudanese citizen who loves his country, I’m always keen to familiarize people with the Sudanese valuable culture. During my trip to Europe I designed leaflets to introduce people to our culture. As a result of this a number of people were interested in visiting Sudan. I even helped arranging all of the logistics for their visit, including organising their flights, accommodation and the accompanying social program.

Additional info

I am not a smoker, I have a drivers license, I am not a vegetarian and I have no allergies.

Type of work I want to do

  • construction
  • farming
  • gardening
  • help in the house
  • language practice
  • maintenance tasks
  • teaching projects
  • boat handlers
  • charity work
  • child care / au pair
  • house sitting

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