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I understand French pretty well, I'm not good at communicating though.

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more than 6 month ago

About me

I currently work as a web content writer and I'm not very pleased about it. I want to travel the world, be useful to other people. I want to do something big in my life.
I like to read books, watch movies, dance, sing, chat with strangers, and many more. I'm an easy person to talk to and I'm also open to anything. I like to think that I'm a very complex person and that makes me hard to find the right words to describe myself.

Preferred location

I will travel through Asia. These are the countries I'd really love to visit, I'm tired of seeing poor African children on TV and not doing anything to help them. I feel the need to make them happy. Oh, I also heard that these countries are very beautiful! I'm open to other suggestions though smile


I like writing. I'm probably not a great writer but I'm not a bad one. I love spending time with kids, I think I'm good at making connection with them. I also like communicating with people. I'm willing to do anything that I'm capable of to help others.

Additional info

I am not a smoker, I have a drivers license, I am not a vegetarian and I have no allergies.

Type of work I want to do

  • farming
  • teaching projects
  • animal care
  • charity work
  • child care / au pair
  • eco projects
  • elderly care

Where I want to volunteer


Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Nepal, Pakistan


Greece, Romania, Sweden, Serbia


Algeria, Ghana, Kenya, Morocco, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Zimbabwe

Middle East


More photos about me

My recent photo with my childhood friends
Me and my students (also friends) in panchkula, india