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Sagrema foundation community projects

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About the workproject

We need 11 volunteers

Schools and Learning, Women and Youths' Empowerment, community Health care, Supporting the Less fortunate Children, adults and families, Community Environmental Initiatives, Organic and Perm-culture Agriculture.

We are Looking for Volunteers, Donors, well-wishers, organizations and Foundations to help us initiate and or improve local community development projects.

We operate alongside the communities, initiating development projects to eradicate poverty, poor health, illiteracy, Care for our Environment and Empower our Women and Youths, Care for the less fortunate households and families, we are based on the beautiful Mfangano Island in the middle of Lake Victoria.

We reach and touch needy children, widows, widowers, the aged and poor starving families in the community,

We strive to provide access to basic quality education, Health-care, empower the Less fortunate families for sustainable economic development and self-reliance

Our organization takes a multidisciplinary grassroots approach to supporting the community of Mfangano Island through education, health-care, youth and female empowerment, environmental protection, and economic growth through organic farming.

Our organization is driven by the community, for the community. Our initiatives extend beyond Mfangano Island, with a focus on caring for less fortunate mothers and children living in the four Lake Victoria Islands

We will heavily appreciate and receive with a lot of thanks every effort made by any volunteer, wellwishers, donor, organization or foundation to help the community or any household in any one or more of these areas of need listed below.

Fundraising for improvement of community's educational agenda:
1. School fees for needy children (the less fortunate, orphans & vulnerable)
2. Uniform for the needy children in primary schools (full uniform: shirt and short for boys, dresses for girls, socks, shoes, pullovers)
3. Establishment of an orphanage - schools/Centre/home
4. Establishment of School for the disabled/children with special needs
5. The Improvement and or sustainability of endangered Girl child education on the Islands and their personal effects
6. Schools infrastructure (desks, chairs, fences, school buildings/Class rooms, school Latrines)
7. Schools feeding programs specifically for kindergartens and Lower primary ages 3-9yrs
8. School Learning and teaching (instruction) materials
9. Primary schools' subsidy Levies (BOM teachers wages and internal EXAMS.)
10. School Library and/or Community Library

Fundraising for empowerment of community’s old age persons, Women and Youths registered groups
1. Fundraising for their Treasury’s revolving fund to be borrowed by members for self reliance and sustainable economic development, encouragements and motivations.
2. Educating them on microfinance initiative issues for stability.
3. Help in identifying and supporting viable income generating activities for registered Women and Youths’ groups
4. Supporting the orphans & vulnerable children, those neglected by the society, widows, widowers, the disadvantaged, the Less privileged and the Less fortunate individuals and households (improving their economic status, providing shelters, providing clothing and providing food)

Fundraising for community’s Health care
1. Establishing/Putting up a Low cost community Health facilities/Centre
2. Establishment of a community and/or Schools’ first aid kit
3. Inviting volunteer Nurses and doctors to come and offer voluntary health services
4. Discover ways of Combating acute infectious diseases like malaria, typhoid, Amoeba, Cancer and Bilharzia
5. Feeding program for the malnourished school children and households
6. Sanitary towels for ages 12 and above school girls in both primary & secondary
7. Community Sanitations (hygienic disposal of wastes/protecting health through hygienic measures like use of Wastes disposal boxes)
8. Low cost and or affordable clean water production for the community

Fundraising for the community organic and permaculture agricultural development.
1. Farm tools (ploughs, water pumps, water pipes, farm fences, solar generator, Seeds and Seedlings)
2. Fishing gears and/or tools (Nets, boats, Engines)
3. Fresh fish storage facilities (Ice boxes)
4. Education on farming skills
5. Education on fishing skills

Fundraising for community environmental protection and conservation campaigns on:
1. Education on benefits of environmental protection and conservation
2. Tree planting and nurturing
3. Tree nursery preparations
4. Water catchment protection
5. Clean water
6. Soil erosion

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I understand English and speak English fluently

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2 weeks ago

We are Looking for Volunteers, Donors, well-wishers, organizations and Foundations to help us initiate and or improve local community development projects on Mfangano Island,

I'm Samuel a teacher by profession, now 54-years old, a resident of Mfangano Island in Lake Victoria Kenya

I happen to be leading registered community based organizations (C.B.Os) and groups, founded with an aim of developing the society, Restoring Hopes to the less Fortunate that have been heavily hit by poverty, hunger and diseases and are otherwise unable to achieve the basics in their lives.

I enjoy meeting people from all around the globe and sharing good times with them..

I’m blessed with a Lovely, patient and a welcoming family, a family with a higher hospitality and integrity to all Volunteers, visiting my home from different corners of the world.

I'd be very happy if I could be of any help during and even before your stay

Project dates

Open for offers, contact us

Work to be done

  • gardening
  • construction
  • language practice
  • help in the house
  • teaching projects
  • maintenance tasks
  • elderly care
  • eco projects
  • charity work
  • computer help
  • internet support

Expected workhours

  • 3 hours a day
  • 5 days a week

Work exchange deal

  • private cottage, private room, private apartment, shared cottage

There are Private rooms with well spread beds covered with mosquito nets.
In the house you will have a chair and stable network is everywhere in the compound

  • shared meals

We provide three meals aday that is breakfast, lunch and dinner, we go by the Volunteers needs.

  • no money is involved

We don't offer money to Volunteers, apart from meals and a commodation we offer languages and cultural exchange
I m a teacher by profession born and raised in Kenya I 'm apoligamised with a good awelcoming family I 'm afirst time member of this platform.