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Help us Improve the English pronunciation of kids in Thai Binh City Vietnam

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About the workproject

We need 11 volunteers

We are an English School set up to benefit kids of all ages set in the northern part of Vietnam. Located in the main city of Thai Binh district, we try our best to provide very affordable English lessons to Vietnamese children in and around Thai Binh City. We achieve this through the application of an array of games, workshops and lessons, and with the help from a number of foreign volunteers. We set ourself apart from other English teaching schools in Vietnam in that we host the largest number of foreign English speaking volunteers in Thai Binh City (we have a big family) . (you can find more information about us on the website on of our volunteers made at

We require your help in teaching and practicing the pronunciation of the English language.
- a positive mindset
- ability to be calm when teaching small kids
- a TEFL certificate or any other certificate that resembles this one, or a degree from university or college. Note, that having a TEFL certificate is not obligatory because we will pay for a TEFL course for you, but having one certainly gives you an edge during our application process
- minimum 3 month commitment from you

We teach at a variety of schools ranging from kindergarten to high school. This requires our volunteers to be or become comfortable in teaching children of ages of 2 - 17. Volunteers are not required to teach any grammar, this is done by the Vietnamese teachers that are either employed at state schools or our own teachers in the New World teaching center. The goal of volunteer work is to help students with vocabulary and putting emphasis on pronunciation. Much of the preparing of classes is already done beforehand by the Vietnamese teachers themselves however, volunteers include their own planning of grammar if they have the capacity and skill to do so. From the ages 2 - 8 flashcards are prepared for each classes based on the topic of the month (prepared by the teaching staff at New World). Furthermore, for students of ages between 9 - 17, lesson plans are prepared with given topics and goals of the class. Much of the preparing you will do as volunteers involves how the classes will be taught. We have prepared a guideline on different methods current and previous volunteers have used for their classes.

Usually we get up at around 7-8 and sometimes earlier depending on the start of your shift. Early morning classes require you to wake up early since we have to travel outside of Thai Binh to the state schools. Duration of traveling is normally around 1:30h (going and coming back). Early morning shifts are usually around 1-2 days per week, for the larger part of your stay your shift will start between 12:00-14:00 pm and finish at around 7-9 pm depending on how many classes you have. And you don’t teach the whole day, you have 2-3 hour breaks in between. The maximum amount of classes you will be teaching in a day are around 6 classes each accounting to 30 - 45 min per class.

Furthermore, classes in kindergarten are 4 classes of 30 minutes and when your teaching in state schools you usually teach around 3 classes of 45 min. However, state school classes are only given to older volunteers, so most of you will just be teaching kindergarten and kids.

We also teach classes at the different New World schools where we tend to have classes starting at around 17:00-17:30 up to 21:00. 21:00 is the end time of the last classes of the day, we is the closing time for the center. In a day volunteers will spend max 5 hours a day teaching (excluding travel). note that you won't be traveling everyday, only to state schools 1-2 times per week.

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I understand and speak English. I speak Vietnamese fluently.

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more than 6 month ago

When I finished my training as an English Teacher i was confronted by many students telling me that they can’t find a good job because their level of English was really poor. Understanding this and also considering the future success of my own children, I then decided then to open the New World International English School. The first school was opened in Kiến Xương, Thai Binh. Three months later a new center was opened in Thái Thụy, Thai Binh. After that another center was opened in Tien Hai, however this center was not successful and was thus closed. I then proceeded to open another school in Thai Binh city (the city center of Thai Binh) this school was really successful and after three years of operation the school has been recently moved to another location in Thai Binh city as well.

Project dates

Open for offers, contact us

Work to be done

  • language practice
  • teaching projects
  • computer help

Expected workhours

  • 4 hours a day
  • 5 days a week

Work exchange deal

  • private room, shared room

In Thai Binh we have 2 houses, the old house and the new one. The Old House (old school) has 8 bedrooms, spread across 3 floors. There is a Bathroom on every floor with showering facilities. The switch on the outside of each bathroom heats the water in advance. Within 30 mins you will have enough Hot water. The bedrooms are spacious and are each equipped with a wardrobe, bed(pillows & duvet) and a desk. Each Bedroom has a full functioning balcony for relaxing. The old house use tobe the main school were classes were held, however since the beginning of february 2019 it is not used as a school anymore.

The second house is the main building of the New World International school. Most of you will be staying in this building (if there is space left). You will also be teaching some of your English classes in this building. The building is a six storey building that houses 6 classrooms, one large kitchen, a balcony on the 5th and 6th floor, one public bathroom on each of the floors except for the 5th and the 6th - On these floors there is one bathroom in the double rooms-, four double rooms - these are shared rooms in which two people can stay-, 4 single bedrooms and one common room on the 4th floor. All of the single rooms are equipped with a king size bed a desk and a wardrobe. All of the double bedrooms have two of each (wardrobe, desk and king size bed). Two of the 4 single rooms are spacious rooms and the other two are fairly sized. There is also air conditioning in all of the rooms, but some rooms share on 1 air co (4 rooms in total). There is also a common laundry room, the laundry room has a washing machine but no dryer. So all of the clothes are air/sun dried on the 6th and 5th floor on racks.

  • shared meals

Meals are prepared by our cooks

  • offering money for all working hours 

You will receive USD 200 per month