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Do you want to try real farm life in Slovenia?

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Travel dates

About the workproject

We need 2 volunteers

Are you ready to try live the farm life wink ? Than join us smile

Our farm is an organic farm on which four generations of our family live and work. . We produce organic vegetables and raise our animals organically. From May until December we require a lot of help this is when we prepare the land for planting and harvesting the vegetables we produce. We would like to invite people who love nature and the freedom of the great outdoors to our wonderful mountainside farm. We appreciate your help. In-short: We would be glad to host you. Please don’t worry if some of our family members do not speak perfect English we can communicate in German and Italian too. However, the most important thing of all is - we are here to learn from each other and have fun in the process.

When we live together is also important to respect some ground rools of living and working together:
We live as a family together with our dear volunteers, and that why we wish that also everybody is helping in every aspect. Because farming is not only work in the field, its much more than that.

HELP on the farm:
- we respect every single minute you spend helping us on the farm. And we are really thankful when you do your work really good and with passion. We understand that you can not know everything, thats why we are here to teach, to show and to help you to learn new skills which are needed for a life on a farm wink

We all work together, but when you finish working it doesnt mean that we also (family) stop smile Please dont be dissapointed if the family members arent always around inside the house. Bogdan & co are always working, Metka is taking care of kids and houshold and her job, so sometimes its impossible to see us in the house. So please spend time with us/ talk to us/ask questions - just do it, when we are working, cleaning or bakin pizza lte in the night. There is always the right moment. It s the nature of our work, our lifestyle.

- the village has its own water spring. We respect water and the nature. Thats why we take short showers and use water only when needed. Please close the tap/pipe/shower when not needed. So we all have enough water also to drink, to water plants, for cooking, for animals ... please respect water and nature. Thank you.

- Not all of the family members are fluent in english, so please take your time and try to find out what the other person is saying. We all have to be creative to find a way how to understand each other.

Weekend are off to travel around Slovenia.
But if you decide to stay on farm on weekend please help us couple of hours for exchange for food.

- Enjoy your staying with us every single minute and do help us with work on the farm
- discover the farm, visit the animals, visit the field, forest. We have 100 cows, 20 sheeps and goats 10 rabbits, 50 chickens, 10 turkeys, 2 dogs and hm ... maybe some mouse from the field, and fox in the forest, deer, wink
- don't miss any beautiful sunset here
- visit the caves, coast, mountains, cities
- spend time with our family when we stop with work and have fun learning slovene and you teach us your language
- thank you for reading our profile and we would be glad to host you

Wish you a great day and a lot of amazing travel experiences

Lots of love

Metka, Bogdan, Jonas, Patrik, Zarja,

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English, Italian, Serbian

We use english to work. Vida and Marijan speak italian.

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We are Bogdan and Metka. We have 3 kids. And our house has a huge family with 4 generations. Grandma Vida, her son Marijan, his son Bogdan and his kids...
We are organic farmes with heart and soul.

Project dates

Open for offers, contact us

Work to be done

  • gardening
  • farming
  • eco projects

Expected workhours

  • 5 hours a day
  • 5 days a week

Work exchange deal

  • shared room

2 big new rooms with bunk beds. Each room has 2 bunk beds. Dorm. Sheets & blankets & pillows are provided. (!!No sleeping-bags allowed!!) Why - to keep room and mattrases clean

Bathroom is used with other volunteers.

There is a place for a van a couple of meters away from the house.

Please always clean bathroom/kitchen/your room after using it, so everybody can have a fresh and clean place. Important: When taking a shower please take a short shower and dont let the water run, if you dont use it at the moment.

We respect water (our village has its own water source/spring) and nature very much and this has to be cherished and consumed wisely. Thank you.

Breakfast & Lunch & dinner: there are all ingridiens which you need to cook an awsome lunch for you (all volunteers) . Always a nice experience.

Weekend are off to travel around Slovenia or you can relax on the farm.

  • self catering

Breakfast & dinner: there are all ingridiens which you need to cook an awsome lunch for you (all volunteers) . Always a nice experience.

Lunch usually Metka cooks for everybody and we eat all together. smile The best part of the day. Since we know the work was done and its time to eat smile

  • no money is involved