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Single lad looking for a spine therapist with an artistic soul

World, Europe, Poland, Kraków



Travel dates

27°C, 12:47

About the workproject

We need 1 volunteer

By taking this offer you will find yourself in of one of the most beautiful cities of Poland with lots of pastime opportunities in any area of interest, especially if you are a physically active person or a culture lover. You will be hosted in a modern, 2-bedroom, newly renovated apartment downtown of Krakow, with me as the only person currently living there.

I am expecting the following kinds of support:
- help in basic exercises to rebuild my physical stamina, with a particular focus on backbone muscles, including massage. You should be a physically active person with a motivating mindset. Qualified therapists are preferred.
- creative advisory in the area of interior decoration, including market research and implementation of agreed upon solutions within a budget. You will not be expected to undertake any heavy physical work in this area.
- volunteers who agree to provide basic help in the house (cooking, cleaning) are preferred.
Your support will not be expected to exceed 3-5h a day and will be expected mostly in the afternoon, however it would be welcome each calendar day of the week.

By accepting my offer you will have an opportunity to enjoy:
- living a cheerful yet challenging indigene akin life,
- boosting results from microcooperation in real life - not like with another eco-project where trees need decades to grow wink
- a steep progress on your soft skills curve thanks to developing a prerequisite mix of creativity and volunteer support pleasure mindset,
- successing in actual impact on development of a person who both strives for and deserves it (yes, me),
- being treated with fairness, respect and sensitivity.

I will pay volunteer's tickets, entrance, rental or similar fees if required to undertake the agreed scope of volunteer support. This may include for example gym entrance fees, city transport tickets or bike rental fees, so you will enjoy it. This does not include your costs of arrival to Krakow and return.

I reserve any occupational earning work is not permitted to be undertaken by the volunteer within the timeframe of the volunteer being accomodated at my premise.

Please post a private message if you are interested in acting as a a spine therapist with an artistic soul to help me and enjoy loads of pastime activities (almost) for free in the beautiful Krakow and around.

About the host

Jan Tomasz (43)

Host since



English, German, Polish

I am fluent in English. I learnt German at school and used to work in German for half a year but have not used that language for several years now.

Last seen online

more than 6 month ago

I am educated, liberal, culturally sensitive, professionally active and independent. I have visited or lived in several countries, mainly in Eurasia.

I look after a small pet (cavia). I am single.

I understand volunteering is a unique combination of fun and work. It works as long as we both respect each other and treat it seriously. I am looking for someone to stay a bit longer than a day or a week.

No promises but I may sponsor some leisure activities of the volunteer at my discretion, especially when I accompany the volunteer (like a trip to the mountains together).

Project dates

Open for offers, contact us

Work to be done

  • help in the house
  • elderly care
  • art projects

Expected workhours

  • 4 hours a day
  • 7 days a week

Work exchange deal

  • private room

You will be given exclusive access to a nice, bright 12sqm bedroom within a 62sqm apartment located on the edge of Krakow downtown. The bedroom has basic equipment (sofa, cabinets). The kitchen and the bathroom/toilet are shared with the host. Photos may be provided upon specific request.

  • shared meals

I shall provide standard sustenance of typical Polish meals (normally 3 meals a day, including one 2-course hot meal for lunch).
It is preferred though that the volunteer prepares meals for self and me most of the times. Regular ingredients will be supplied /paid for by me.
Please do not apply if you have any significant dietary restrictions or severe food allergies.

  • no money is involved