Cottage project: update

September 14, 2018

Fits like a glove There are guests in multiple houses right now and I don't work on the cottage renovations when guests are here. Everything makes noise, which is not music to your ears (grinders, drilling, mixing concrete, machines etc). This affects the progress of the ground floor cottage project a bit - although there is of course enough to do elsewhere. However... I have my mind set to this project, I go to sleep with it, evaluating all options and choices I have to make. As an amateur you have to make a ton more decisions compared to being an experienced builder. Only for this 'burden' everything takes more time and as it should be fun you should suppress any feelings of stress or deadline thoughts - which sometimes is not easy as you want to keep the spirit high and see the actual progress.

Anyway... I guess the photos and their captions show it all, so no more text, look at the images I suggest.

Have a great weekend !