Reception of Two Visitors and Farewell to Sister Shangfa in Lifechanyuan Thailand Branch

April 25, 2024

written by Qianzi Celestial

After celebrating 418 anniversary together with our Burmese visitor, Engin, on April 19th, the Thailand home once again welcomed a Brazilian girl, Jackeline, who learned about Lifechanyuan Thailand home through a volunteer website and came to visit to experience the new life of the second home. To make up for the Brazilian girl missing out on the 418 celebration, we utilized the stage that we still had and, with both visitors, created another wave of excitement by playing games such as "Number Bomb," "Musical Chairs," "Dance Detective," and more. Later, the Brazilian girl even taught everyone the vibrant Samba and the dance Forró.

The Burmese elder sister has been consistently following and liking our English reports on Facebook. A year ago, she contacted Jie Jing expressing her wish to become a Lifechanyuan member. However, she had difficulty reading the English version of the 800 Values, so she hadn't been able to submit her application. This time, she came to experience and feel the reality of life in the community. After 8 days of experience, she felt everything in the community was very satisfactory and ideal. She decided to continue reading the 800 Values in the future and hopes to apply to become a Lifechanyuan member when the time is right. The Brazilian girl is a lawyer who chose to travel and relax due to work pressure. After just three days of experiencing community life, she liked our joyful, relaxed, simple, and natural lifestyle. What's even more delightful is that she has no plans to get married in the future. She resonates deeply with the Lifechanyuan philosophy, especially the introduction to the Way of Nature. Her sincerity, kindness, beauty, and diligence have earned everyone's love and appreciation. We hope that Jackeline becomes a member of Lifechanyuan in the future.

As sister Shangfa is about to leave, in order to make her happier and leave no regrets in the community, Yangle arranged for everyone to play the card game In the game, the players who win can freely create artistic designs on the faces of the losers using colored pens.

The mangoes in the mango orchard are ripe, sour, sweet, and delicious, and the red mulberries are hanging from the branches. The flowers nurtured by Jie Jing are also blooming gorgeously. Little kid Deng Deng is playing freely and happily in the small stream. Yesterday evening, sisters put on sexy swimsuits and went swimming in the pond in the mango orchard. At first, we were hesitant due to the murky water, but once we got into the water, looking up at the blue sky and feeling the warmth and gentleness surrounding us, we still had a delightful and joyful time!

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