June 2, 2020

The COVID-19 quarantine has been a difficult situation for all of us. For both introverts and extroverts, it has been hard to be confined to our homes.This experience of the pandemic ought to be a turning point in our lives.

Are we (or were we) delighted with our lifestyle? Did we stop doing what we love and are passionate about because of lack of time or only apathy? These are questions that we must ask ourselves in this quarantine and that we must undoubtedly answer with total sincerity.One thing that is clear, is how much we deserve to take that trip we have always dreamt of!

How would a post COVID-19 trip benefit you?

Whilst in quarantine, at least we have been able to keep in touch with our families and friends, thanks to social networks and video platforms. In these challenging times, it has been shown how indispensable digital media is to keep us in touch. If there is one thing we frequently discuss with our friends and loved ones, it is what we will do when the quarantine is over. Some will go back to their jobs, to their college classes, or go back to their social lives. Some would like to go on vacation instead. And why is that? Because we've all been cooped up for months doing nothing? Precisely because of this, we believe that the post-COVID-19 months are the perfect opportunity to take a sabbatical and that long planned trip. If there's one thing that has been restricted most in the quarantine, it's been the ability to travel. Not for nothing has tourism been one of the hardest-hit sectors.

Every one of us has always wanted to get to know a particular country. The most common destination is usually Europe, due to its more than well-known historical monuments. Others prefer Latin America because of the experience of being in countries with such a different language, culture, and cuisine. In short, there are many interesting places worth visiting.

How would a post-COVID-19 trip benefit you? From our point of view, we believe it would be an enriching experience. All this time in quarantine has made us reflect and realise all the things that we are missing. Before all this happened, many of us often refused trips, outings with our friends, or family gatherings. Whether it was because of lack of time or because we wanted to be home, we missed out on the opportunity to have a good time.

If you've been planning a trip for a long time and have postponed it several times, once the COVID-19 crisis has passed don't hesitate to do so. You deserve it. We all do. We could all use a break. I know it sounds contradictory, but before the COVID-19 came along, our idea of rest was to be at home, away from the routine of the outside world. And now that we've spent, in some cases, months, locked up in the house, we've started to realise how little we value the world out there. We began to regret all those invitations to go out with our friends that we often turned down. And now that so much time has passed without being able to see them, we realise all those moments we missed with them because of lack of time, laziness, and apathy.

Among the many benefits that the experience of travelling brings you, we always mention the same ones, such as meeting new friends, new places, experiencing new cultures, etc. But there is something that many people forget to say and that we believe essential to mention: travelling makes you grow as a person. The point is that travelling and settling down, even for a short period, in a country so different from your own, opens your mind in ways you cannot even imagine. The lessons you learn and receive in those places are precious, and it's something that will stay with you for the rest of your life.

For those of you already living abroad

For those of you that have already migrated from our home countries and settled in other countries. The first months are tough, we know that. And some have not even given themselves the task of exploring and getting to know their new home. And that's something we should all do once the COVID-19 passes. Let us allow ourselves to get to see the place that has welcomed us a little better, to explore our new home a bit better, and to learn to appreciate it. We assure you that this will give you a different perspective of where you live.  And not only that, but you will also feel much more affection for that place that has become your second home. Many of us have been immigrating for months or even years. And we bet that we haven't even bothered to sightsee. Whether due to lack of time or money, once the COVID-19 crisis has passed, it is important we set out to explore our second home. We know people who have lived somewhere for years, and when we ask them how many of their landmarks they know, they only mention a few. And this is something we certainly need to change. 

And to conclude...

It is very clear that you would benefit from taking a trip once COVID-19 is truly behind us and the world opens up again. If there is one thing this situation has taught us, it is that we must make better use of our time and appreciate the world out there. We need a break from all this stress, and this time the break will not be from outside, but from our homes! Take this well deserved time! We promise you it will be an enriching experience and Hovos has got your back with countless volunteering opportunities in every nook and cranny the world has to offer! So take care of yourself and others, be mindful and get out there! Wishing you a BON VOYAGE!