July 10, 2020

#Postcovid19 if you want to continue experiencing new cultures you should travel, so here are some suggestions on how to save money while travelling to be able to stay as long as possible discovering a new place.

Why should you try to save while traveling?

We are not telling you that you have to be obsessed with the money during your trip, but keep in mind that travelling more will create better memories. It is not the same to spend 10 days of luxury in London than to spend many more days travelling by spending less. Make smart decisions, don't overspend when it's not needed; you can still enjoy the trip, if not even more!

9 Tips to Travel Longer

1. Take advantage of 'free days'

Many cities offer free guided walking tours, take advantage of them! They are a great way to start your trip somewhere. You can get to know your new place straight away so you can plan the rest of your time confident with your whereabouts! Visit museums, exhibitions or tourist landmarks on days that are free or when there are discounts. Often visiting first thing in the morning or on Sundays gives you a free pass! Before visiting, be sure to search their website so you have up to date information.

2. Spend more time in less places

Take your time, soak up the culture and locals, instead of visiting 3 countries in 3 weeks, get to know a place well. The more places you want to visit, the more expenses you will have and this can dig into your budget. Return home with the feeling of having got to really know somewhere well and rather than flying through many places, not really absorbing or relishing your time there.

3. Be flexible with flight dates

If you want to get cheap airline tickets, it is important to be flexible with dates, changing the day of departure or return, the price of the trip may be lower, or be open to early morning flight and weekdays.

4. Eat at street markets

If you have to pay your food, cook yourself or eat at the market. Not only will it be cheaper but it is one of the best ways to get to know a place. It is also authentic. Be sure to go where the locals eat or where there are more people because they will be the best places.

5. Travel as the locals do

If you are in a big city, use public transportation whenever possible or walk, watch how the locals move, it will cost you less and the experience will be even more authentic.

6. Do things for free

There are things to see and do without paying a thing: photograph a beautiful sunset, take a walk, bike ride, swim on the beach, climb a mountain or visit a street fair, get lost in the place where you are. It is incredible what you can discover in every corner if you are open to it.

7. Hitchhike 

This way you will travel for free or, if for any reason you cannot, share transportation costs. It will always be cheaper than taking a taxi.

8. Travel as light as you can

The lighter you travel, the cheaper it will be for you to travel. The majority of low cost airlines only allow  to carry on a small bag for free, apart from that, they will charge you for any luggage and it is sometimes that can be even more expensive than the ticket!

9. Volunteer

And last not but not least…. Use Hovos!!! As you already know, it is the best way to save on accommodation and food. You will learn new skills and can make friends from all over the world. What better experience could you wish for.