The Latest Pictures in Lifechanyuan Thailand Branch

May 14, 2024

Several lotus plants transplanted near the kitchen half a year ago have now spread out into a picturesque lotus pond by the river. This week, pink lotus flowers have been continuously blooming, exuding a serene and heavenly fragrance that captivates the admiration of our brothers and sisters. Over the past few days, timely rains have nourished the flowers, vegetables, and plants, rendering the Thai Home lush and fresh with a cool and comfortable weather.

The platform in front of the kitchen had suffered some soil erosion due to prolonged exposure to the river water. Previously, maintenance and repairs were typically handled by Huiguang. Now that Huiguang has left, it's surprising to find that Roumei understands some construction work. With the help of Jiao'e and Baichuan, they managed to complete a task that we thought required professional workers. It's truly remarkable to see the talent of our brothers and sisters in building our home!

Apart from maintaining the fruit tree seedlings in the mango garden, brother Daqi has also cultivated papayas and other vegetables and grains. In addition to working on line to spread Lifechanyuan values and taking care of flowers, Jiejing has now taken up the responsibility of mowing the grass in the mango orchard with a lawn mower, exhibiting a true spirit of a heroine!

In the Thousand-year World, one punishment for mistakes is to prohibit the person to participate in collective labor. Indeed, collective labor in our home is the happiest and most joyful time for everyone. These days, we've collectively helped the abbot harvest corn stalks and transport them back to feed the buffalo and horses. We also completed the task of bagging hundreds of mango trees in two mango orchards. Everyone works and plays together, and amidst the cheerful laughter under the blue sky and white clouds, it's hard to tell whether they're working or playing in nature.

The abbot returned from Chiang Mai bringing various snacks and treats for us. A few days ago, he even bought pizza and clothes for every one of our brothers and sisters. Seeing the abbot looking at us with eyes full of deep affection and love, it's heartwarming and touching. He often says that as long as we are happy, he is happy. With such a compassionate and Buddha-like heart, how can we not be deeply moved and grateful!

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