February 28, 2018

Let me give you a little background on our project. Our finca has been in family Freeman for about 20 years. Over the last 5 years we cave started to build cabinas and a little dinning rancho on the farm. This year we have begun heavily planting fruit trees like advacado, mango, guanabana, cashue, lime, coffee. Some of the trees bear fruit others our a couple years away. We have also begun our premaculture program with many different veggies in our garden beds.
The work day is 4-5 hours depending on the rain and the projects at hand. We generally work threw the week and have Saturday Sunday off. At the moment some of the biggest needs are, weeding and watering the gardens, cutting the grass (one of the biggest jobs). minor construction projects, painting signs for the trails, cutting new trails, landscaping and feeding the animals and cleaning there stalls. (At the moment we don't have any live stock this is in our future plans but we do have 13 dogs.) I like to work with people strengths so if you have jobs that you like in particular we try and point you in that direction. Meals our generally local types of Costa Rican food such as rice, beans, salad and a protein, pasta, soups, breads and eggs. Very basic but good after a day of work. We try to use what we can from our gardens and trees.
The Finca itself is over 11o arces and is very secluded surrounded by national park and a few other large farms. There are rivers and a waterfall on the finca. Its has gorgeous views, and a number of trails and animals, like monkeys, butterflys, tucanas, parrots and deer. However, there are also dangerous animals like snakes, spiders, scorpions, mosquitos and even a Jaguar that roams the mountains. On that note while our farm is beautiful there are many add dangers to living on a jungle farm in Costa Rica. Due to our isolation and off the grid nature it might not be for everyone.
Generally we rise with the sun and go to the beds after dark. We have running water for cold showers and individual bathrooms. The water is good for drinking very clean coming from the local river though sometimes we need to filter it after heavy rains. We have a basic solar system enough for limited lights and capacity to charge cell phones. Internet is g3 so you would need to get a local chip for your phone if you want to use the interent. At the moment we are hoping to expand our energy grid with hydro and more solar panels but Iam not sure if we will be upgraded by the time of your requested dates.
We are located on the popular tourist designation of Rinco De La Vieja National Volcano park. We are only a 5 minute drive away from hotwater springs, mudbaths, ziplines, hiking and whitewater rapids. Many of these adventures are privately owned and often there is an entrance fee of around 15 dollars. We are about a 10 minute drive from the start of a 4 hour hike to the volcano summit of Rincon de la Viejo. The closes major town is Liberia about 25 minutes away down the mountain. There are a few local stores in walking distance to the finca but they are a bit pricy.
Thanks again for your interest looking forward to hearing back from you.

Jimmy Herrera

+ 0685299949
Windows of God Liberia