Chickens, Chicks, Roosters and a pesky Cayote

December 9, 2017

When we made the chicken coop we had just 3 chickens, Beryl, Sexy Sue and a nice white chicken that we didn’t have time to name. They would roam the finca and only pop to the house to eat their food and have some water. One fine day Kenner and his father Vidal popped to the house to pay for the months pastor for their cows and brought us two lovely new animals. A lovely black hen all shiny and radiant and a big ginger Rooster, they were immediately named, Kevin and Nica, Kevin because it rhymed reminded me of a sketch from the TV show Kevin & Perry (Kevin and Gerry … no??) and Nica because she was beautiful and shiny but had zero street smarts and couldn’t even find her way out of the chicken coop. This day we made the decision that we would keep the chickens in the coop and not let them roam the finca as we had hard rumors of cayotes, plus we had already lost, Beryl, Sexy Sue and White chickens mates in the previous 3 weeks. So on the first night when all the chickens came for some food we closed the door to keep them all safe. Just incase you are wondering it’s a pretty big coop so they are still free range-ish. Anyway we kept them in for 3 days as advised by one of the locals, then we let them out as this meant that they know that they are safe and can get food in the coop and should always come back on a night, should always come back, unless you have trees that they can sit in instead of a cage.So the first day they roamed the gardens pretty proud of themselves, all except Nica that is who couldn’t find the door and sat on a chirp squawking all day watching the other chickens follow Kevin around the garden. This night they came home, brilliant, the next day again they all follow Kevin around but at 6pm after the sun went down they were not in the coop, we looked around the garden and there they were Nica and Kevin sitting in a tree and Beryl and Sexy Sue were way up in another tree and they weren’t coming down for anyone no matter how many stones we throw at them. Kevin and Sexy Sue we managed to chase from the tree but they wouldn’t go in the coop either so we decided to leave them too it. In the night we hear Gerry running past the window and look out and see him being chased by a cayote, we realized this afte we googled what they looked like because we thought it was a fox