Pensioners, retirees, we ask for your valuable knowledge

September 17, 2018

Hello my name is James Norman Egan Volunteer with V2T since 2015 (yes that's me the one with the hat)

I was introduced to Raimund Wagner through a mutual friend just over 2 years ago and he told me enthusiastically about a developing project located in a rural area of Thailand about 70km from the city of Udon Thani. I made a vague promise to drop by if I was in the area and about 4 weeks later I decided to take a trip out to see what what was driving this guy.

It was a life changing experience. Situated in the corner of a field on his wife's family farm in an area surrounded by 6 small villages, Raimund had begun to construct a small campus compound which would become the heart of V2T (Volunt2thai) Thailand. Volunteers from Europe began to trickle in and I was given a tour of the villages, schools and settled into my bunk house for the next few days.

Accommodation was basic 'Thai Style' but perfectly comfortable. The schools were on holiday and the volunteers had created a summer school in the village temple grounds. The volunteers arrived by bicycle, bells ringing and I was to witness children appearing from the huts and houses in the village, running towards the temple clearly thrilled to see the foreigners. Within minutes there were groups of kids reading books, creating chalk art, playing hopscotch and learning English songs under the tutelage of the young volunteers.

Despite the obvious poverty of these children, I have never seen a happier bunch of kids with an obvious hunger for the knowledge and fun brought to them by the 'farangs' It was a truly emotional experience and the beginning of my relationship as friend and supporter of V2T. The project has moved on rapidly since then with new initiatives being developed and improved facilities provided in the volunteer campus as funds become available. Money is always tight but generous donors always seem to appear to keep things moving forward.

Many friends, expats and locals give up their free time to lift, build, paint or donate another load of construction materials. As volunteer numbers have increased more support can be given to the community and additional schools in the villages get badly needed support. Volunteers enjoy immense satisfaction helping the children in school and experience real Thai village life and culture which cannot be experienced by the tourist. There is plenty of opportunity to explore the surrounding area or to travel to other parts of the Land of Smiles during weekends and down time. Not to come here as a volunteer is surely to miss one of life's disappearing opportunities to enjoy a rare cultural experience and at the same time help guide underprivileged children to a better future.

Pensioners, retirees, we ask for your valuable knowledge
You were a teacher, craftsman, advertising expert? You would like to pass on the knowledge gathered in your life? Not only the schools, the project itself but especially the young volunteers can benefit from their knowledge.

Your help would be greatly appreciated in the following areas