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I'm still learning French but communication is totally possible! Portuguese is my first language. And I'm fluent in English.

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About me

I live with my grandmother since I was a child and she gave me all the love and support I ever needed. I also have a very good relation with my father and sister. The same with the rest of my family! So I own them some qualities I have. I am polite and friendly because of the way I was raised.
I've been working as an English teacher since I turned 18 and I still fall in love with my job every single day. I love teaching. I love learning with my students. I love the way they think and the way I can be helpful to them. As they have me as an exemple, I've learned that I always need to review my manners, my thoughts and what I teach them. I want them to be good adults in the future.
I have two very cool hobbies. One of them is drawing. I do appreciate art. And the other one is cooking. It calms me down, even when I just cook easy things with the kids.
My studies... Well, I study Fashion Design at the moment, but I've already studied Education and Gastronomy. And about my English and other languages, I've taken a lot of courses. I just cannot stop studying. More than a hobby, it's an addiction. smile

Preferred location

I'm looking forward to working with kids but I have some preferences about the language you speak. I love English with different accents, specially the British one. Any place like that would give me a lot of experience to learn. :D


I have studied Gastronomy and Education already. I've been teaching English for two years now and my favorite hobby is drawing. Even though I don't work with art, I can use it in every minute of my life.

Additional info

I am not a smoker, don't have a drivers license, I am not a vegetarian and I have no allergies.

Type of work I want to do

  • child care / au pair

Where I want to volunteer


England, Netherlands, Scotland