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“More Children Rights” is “More Prosperous Future”

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I am Fluent in Both: Arabic “Tongue Language” and English “Reading, Writing, Speaking, Translating, Business Corresponding and Communication I am going to enrich my knowledge in Spanish

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About me

I am Civil Engineer, Projects and Planning Manager, 46 years old, Jordanian Citizen, having accomplished experience about 20 years at “Jordan, United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia” With Local, Governmental and International Companies
-I am Fluent in Both:
Arabic “Tongue Language” and English “Reading, Writing, Speaking, Translating, Business Corresponding and Communication”
-My Fields of Study are:
1.Architectural Engineering (Diploma Degree, 1992-1994)
2.Civil Engineering (Bachelor Degree at Highways and Bridges Engineering, 2000-2005)
-Local and International Memberships:
1.Jordan Engineers Association (JEA), Jordan
2.Saudi Council of Engineers (SCE), Saudi Arabia
3.Society of Engineers, UAE

Preferred location

I am applying for Free and non-profit Volunteer Works for a period of (1-2) years, at (Childhood, Disabilities, Learning Difficulties such as “Autism”, and Elderly) Fields, in addition to My Fields of Study “Architectural and Civil Engineering, Planning and Management”, and My Favorite Activities “Cooking, Agriculture, Coaching and Computers”
Even Countries I have not selected could interest me too, so I invite hosts to contact me if they believe that I can help them out


My Favourite Activities are: Charity Work, Children and Elderly Volunteer Works, Agriculture and Cooking, I like Cooking, in addition to teaching and coaching Children and those who have Learning Difficulties
The Main Reasons and Purposes of Applying for Volunteer Works:
1.An Inspiration of my Child:
I have 10 years old Child who was born in 2010 with Autistic Features, he has been getting well quickly, Cleverly and Smoothly with no more Learning Difficulties, because of Multiple Styles of Care “Hospital, School and the most important is Home Care”.
I would like to confirm -as per my practical experience- that Children who are born with “Autism” or “Autistic Features” or related Diseases or Difficulties will be surely Normal and Clever and will get well 100% as long as they get the Triangular Care of “Hospital, School and Home”, Confirming that The Home Care is the Most Important and Efficient and Quicker when it is daily, continuously and accurately along with Educational Coaching and Initiative and Creative Training
2.I want to enrich my knowledge and to have an experience of Volunteer Works because I am going -at future- to prepare a Master Segree at “Children Rights, Children Disables Rights, Humanitarians, Childhood Volunteer Works, Social Volunteer Works or any Related Field)

Additional info

I am not a smoker, don't have a drivers license, I am not a vegetarian and I have no allergies.

Type of work I want to do

  • charity work
  • child care / au pair
  • farming
  • gardening
  • help in the house

Where I want to volunteer


Bosnia and Herzegovina, England, Hungary, Romania, Turkey

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