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I have been working as a social worker in Turkey. I have been travelling all around the world. I have good communication skills. I would love to help people who needs me... And also easy going person..

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I have been traveling around the world. I am a founder president of METAMAZON Metastatic Breast Cancer Society in Turkey. I have been working as a social worker for 10 years. I have good communicate skills. I believe in that I can help the people who needs me...


I was born in Antalya in 1977. After graduating from Gazi University Finance Department, I worked as an editor for a publishing house with the content of financial legislation. Going to New Zealand in 2005 opened the door to a new way of life. I studied "Tourism and Hotel Management" in Queens town Resort College. In 2010, during my tenure as hotel manager, I was diagnosed with Stage IV metastatic breast cancer. I returned to Turkey and received cancer treatment. Following the completion of treatment, I began to work as a professional to increase the awareness of breast cancer in Turkey. I have been acting as Editor and Director of Patient Programs in Private Sentez Polyclinics since 2011. Again in 2011, I began to take part in works of volunteer awareness in The European Breast Cancer Coalition- Turkey (Europa Donna Turkey). I have continued my works in the same association as a Board Member and Social Media and Communications Officer since 2012. And I attended Europa Donna Advocacy Training in Italy, in November 2012. In 2012-2013, I successfully completed the training program on the subject "Capacity Building of Civil Society Organizations", organized by the cooperation of Koç University Institute of Business and Novartis Oncology. I was also invited to the European Breast Cancer Conference 8 (EBCC 8) as a young breast cancer survivor. I have attended ABC1 and ABC2 meeetings. In addition, I have been attending various meetings both domestically and abroad as a speaker in order to share my experiences and knowledge. I currently live in Ankara and I can speak English at an advanced level.
The fact that the age of the women who are diagnosed with breast cancer is decreasing dramatically and most of them are diagnosed in advanced stage shows that the awareness of breast health has not been achieved. I learned about the special social supportive activities on young people in the congresses, panels and meetings at home and abroad I attended. And with these examples, I had the idea of achieving it in TURKEY and founded YOUNG AMAZONS working team with EUROPA DONNA TURKEY in 2013 in Ankara. The group that aims to attract awareness on breast health of young people and support active lifestyle is working on achieving its goal. The activities ıf the group include dance, trekking-hiking, camping and Dragon Boat Paddle Team.
“Young Amazons Dragon Boat Paddle Team” which is composed of the women who survived breast cancer and their relatives is the most important activity group. 20 women in the team paddle in Dragon Boat Festivals at home and abroad in order to emphasize the importance of exercise and activity for breast health and breast cancer awareness. You can feel the team spirit even at first glance.
The team paddled on behalf of Turkey in the Dragon Boat Activity on Arno River in Italy in May 2014 with Florence Dragon Ladies and Latina Pink Ladies. Also the team attended b2b Dragon Boat Festival in 2014 for 2 days and won 2 prizes.
The fact that the men are dominant on women’s body health and life in Turkey is a tragic reality. There are even men who don’t let their wives or daughters to have breast examination. Moreover, many women have problems in their marriage during their cancer treatment. Therefore, in order to create awareness on men and make them a part of this period, I organized and activity with HARLEY DAVIDSON ANKARA CHAPTER which represent the POWER, FREEDOM and ENERGY.
We organized a RIDE and ACTIVITIES with the message of I’M AWARE OF MY POWER AGAINST BREAST CANCER on 8th November 2014 in Ankara in cooperation with Europa Donna Turkey, Young Amazons, Harley Davidson Ankara, HOG Chapter Ankara and Harley Davidson Ladies. We delivered leaflets and informative manuals to the men and wanted them to read them to their wives, sisters and mothers at home. This event emphasized the importance of men’s support and encouragement in body health care of their wives, sisters and mothers. After the dance show by Young Amazons Dance Group, HARLEY DAVIDSON motor bikers and other motor bikers started a ride from Karum Shopping Centre to Panora Shopping Centre and informed the people there.
We’ll perform the 2nd Ride in the frame of Breast Cancer and Awareness Month Activities in 2015.
Volunteering is unfortunately not a widespread concept in Turkey. I founded a group called “Breast Health Volunteers” with the purpose of dissemination of volunteering and increase breast health awareness with new volunteers. After announcements, 20 people started “Breast Health Volunteers Basic Orientation Training” in November 2014 which lasted 2 months. The volunteers completed their basic training with courses given by professionals, specialists, doctors and trainers. They started their activities with “Work-shop Therapy” organized for the patients who have their chemotherapy in 2015. The volunteers who still continue their activities will have their “Advance Orientation Training” in November. I aim to enlarge this volunteering chain with new announcement for new volunteers in December 2015..
And also, I am founder president of METAMAZON Metastatic Breast Cancer Society

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I am not a smoker, I have a drivers license, I am not a vegetarian and I have no allergies.

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Congo, Democratic Republic, Ethiopia, Kenya, Madagascar, Zimbabwe

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With Volunteers 2017
Breast cancer awereness
One of my speech about breast cancer awereness
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