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Adam (29) & Luiza

World, Europe, Poland, Przechlewo

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We are open-minded, venturesome and friendly couple of travellers (recently married!). We are big enthusiasts of life.
We are not afraid to work and face new challenges. However we find ourselves in the urban space, what we appreciate most is the nature and we like being on the fringes of civilization. Outdoor work, different weather conditions and lack of "comfort" are not an issue for us.
We travel by an old, but reliable VW T3 campervan. We can sleep and cook onboard, thus we are pretty self-sufficiant.
We were studying on the University of Nicolaus Copernicus in Toruñ, Poland - where we met each other. Then we started mixing jobs and voluntary jobs with travel.
We have quite big travelling experience, first we hitchhiked through Balkans, then we went to England where we've worked until we've earned enough money to travel to South Amarica, where we spent 8 months (Uruguay, Argentina, Peru and Bolivia).
There we had rich volunteering expierience, where we mainly worked in vegetable gardens, ranchos, done small construction tasks and helped in accomodation business. We also learned how to approach locals and how to do a low-budget living. This travel was a breakthrough for us and changed the way we look at world.
Last year we travelled through France by our car and worked in harvesting. We stayed at vineyard (Burgundy) and then in orchard (Britanny). Then we moved to work in agriculture in Denmark (North-Jutland). From early spring till late summer we stayed in our town - Torun, where we were working in gardening (Adam) and cafe (Luiza).
Recently we got married and we decided to take a honeymoon trip from Poland to Spain (through Czech Republic, Slovakia, Eastern Hungary, Slovenia, Northern Italy, Southern France).
We don't have high demands, we are not picky neither. A stay with good atmosphere and small support is all we expect in return for our help.
We can assure that we are dedicated at work and we are responsible people, which means we always try to do our best to contribute something in addition. On the other hand, when there is a right moment, we can really enjoy our free time with others. We are never bored.
We always appreciate a possibility to make new friendships. We are communicative, understanding people and quite talkative. We admire interesting convensation. We know proportions aswell. We also do enjoy silence and respect privacy of others. smile
We hope that our co-operation not only will provide you a hand with work and us a shelter, but also will be mutual on peronal level, so we could become friends! smile
We are always eager to preserve our memories or just document unique fragments of our life, during our smaller and bigger excursions.
We always take opportunity to visit some interesting places near us in our spare time. If you are interested, you can visit our travel-blog (unfortunatelly for now only in polish):
Hope we will meet some day!
Luiza & Adam

Preferred location

Northern Italy and Spain


- Cooking and baking - it is our hobby and we are not afraid to improvise and experiment. We prefere vegetarian food, but we are not strict. When it comes to meat, we opt for fish.
- Harvesting, processing and jamming fruits, vegatables & mushrooms.
- Gardening - decorative and vegetable gardends - seeding, planting, growing - mostly permacultural approach.
- Farm and household maintenance - including small repairs, painting, cleaning etc.
- Taking care of the ambience of the place - we always try to achieve friendly atmosphere, meaningful relations and we pay attention to keep everyone motivated at work, helping each other with patience, respect and responsibility for our behavior.
- Music, cinema and literature. In this order. We are constantly discovering new artists and bands, as well as attending to concerts. We enjoy good classic music, as well as folk, psychodelic rock, punk, funk, or even electronic music. We are also into artistic cinema (D. Lynch, W. Herzog, JP. Jeunet, J. Svankmayer, S. Leone, italian giallo style and more...). Speaking of literature we enjoy science-fiction and weird-fiction.
- Luiza - photography, oven-baking, indoor space arrangement, handicraft, domestic animal care, natural medicine, tea and coffee.
Her photographies:
- Adam - arts, drawing, computer graphics, writing, basic carpentry, basic film-making, psychology, language teaching (conversational), driving car.
His artworks:
We are willing to take up other kind of work, especially when it'll let us use our skills in a different way or develop new ones.
What we would like to do most is to help with permaculture gardens, bee-keeping, eco-construction, carpentry, electricity, oven construction or cheese making. We consider it'll be not only a fun, but also the best way to learn more about these subjects.

Additional info

I am not a smoker, don't have a drivers license, I am not a vegetarian and I have no allergies.

We prefer vegetarian food, but if it's not possible for host to provide us with this type of food, we can eat meat. We do smoke cigarettes, but we are not chain-smokers. We don't smoke during work, in the room, in the company of children and non-smokers. Adam has almost 10 years of driving experience.

Type of work I want to do

  • construction
  • eco projects
  • farming
  • gardening
  • help in the house

Where I want to volunteer


Italy, Spain

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