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The richest man is not he who has the most, but he who needs the least.

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About me

I am 30 years old Croatian. I studied mathematics and currently working for IT company. In my free time I practice running and learn Swedish language. I also enjoy cooking meals for my friends and family or just for myself.

Preferred location

Since my first visit to Africa, my wish is to come back again. I would like to contribute to the community in need, I would like to give back on some way to the people who inspired me, to the culture that is in one way so much different from mine but in the other feels like I belong there.


I use English in everyday work both speaking and writing and I would like to help other people to improve their language skills. I am also looking forward working with people from other countries so I have chance to know them and learn about their culture.
I love spending time with children, playing, teaching them and learning from them. They bring joy in everyday life and they are huge inspiration for me.
Since I am in IT industry, I have many different computer skills and I hope that could be helpful also.

Additional info

I am not a smoker, don't have a drivers license, I am not a vegetarian and I have no allergies.

I don't have much driving experience although I own drivers license.

Type of work I want to do

  • charity work
  • child care / au pair
  • computer help
  • eco projects
  • help in the house
  • language practice
  • maintenance tasks

Where I want to volunteer




Albania, Cyprus, Greece, Portugal, Spain


Kenya, Morocco, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia

Travel dates

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