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English, Spanish, French
And I'm also learning German!

About me

Hello! I am a student in Barcelona and I am studying Human Studies, since I have a great passion for philosophy, literature, history and art. In addition, I really enjoy the theatre (for many years I have attended interpretation classes), films and cooking!
I simply love children. I have babysat for many years and every week I give classes to two brothers of 9 and 11 years. I look for the children to enjoy themselves learning, taking into account their passions, interests and concerns. This also applies to babysitting, in which education, based on fun and sensibility, continues to play a fundamental role.
I am specifically interested in being able to enjoy a month of stay in Paris because, within my passion for learning languages, French has always been very special to me. It's a pity not being able to practice it enough and enjoying being able to simply hear it or speak it. I usually read a lot in French to fill this gap. And, as for Paris, I travelled there last summer by myself for a week and I can only think about when to come back and get to know it in detail. I'm dreaming about walking along the Seine, reading in one of the many parks (despite the bees!) while being able to help a family doing what I love the most.

Preferred location

I'm looking specifically for Paris!

Additional info

I am not a smoker, don't have a drivers license, I am not a vegetarian and I have no allergies.

I have lactose intolerance

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  • child care / au pair

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