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I understand a little Dutch, but cannot really speak it. I would like to learn.

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more than 6 month ago

About me

Hi! I am an American/Dutch dual-citizen that just moved to Amsterdam to look for work. I studied literature, communication, and culture at University in the U.S. and have an interest in writing/editing, but greatly enjoy physical work as well.

Preferred location

I would like to stay in the Netherlands to volunteer while I look for permanent work.


I have a bachelor's degree in Science, Technology & Culture from Georgia Tech in the United States. I also have a certificate in psychology. Besides studying literature, communication, and culture, I've worked in trash/recycling/compost, at a hostel, and had a short stay on a farm where the manual labor was very satisfying. I like to learn new skills, meet new people, and stay busy. A friendly place where I can work hard but still write and look for a permanent job on my off-time would be ideal. I am available for flexible dates, but potentially the end of September through November would be best.

Additional info

I am not a smoker, don't have a drivers license, I am not a vegetarian and I have no allergies.

I was a vegetarian for ten years, but recently started eating some fish.

Type of work I want to do

  • gardening
  • help in the house
  • animal care
  • art projects
  • charity work
  • eco projects

Where I want to volunteer