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About the workproject

We need 11 volunteers

I'm Gabriel Lennox a young man residing in Mfangano Island in the middle of lake Victoria in kenya. I'm an organic and permaculture agricultural lover. I rare animals and grow various annual crops for food. My family banks all its hopes on agriculture. Being an Island, we are surrounded with water and hence most of the times we use lake water for irrigation. We welcome all interested volunteers from all over the world to join in our small farm.

1. Involvement in gardening activities
2. Taking care of animals (cattle and goats)
3. Poultry farming .activities
4. Charity work both in the family and in the community
5. House chores

Guests will get full boarding facilities and stay with host families from the local community, based in a tranquil, rural environment. Each guest will have their own bed, but may share a room if belongs to the same gender or if are couples, Different gender stay in different rooms. Each of the clean and well spread beds, should have a mosquito net.

Volunteers will share meals with host families where they will be served with three meals a day that is breakfast, lunch and supper. Breakfast will be served before the day’s work starts at 8 am or not later than 9am with tea, local snacks and fruits. Lunch and supper will be served on time too with a variety of local dishes. Guests will be provided with 3 meals of interest or on request a day by the host family, or receive a pre packed carry lunch if the project is far from the host family residence or be bought if the Hotels are around. Food will be prepared by the Hosting family as per the normal daily diet timetable and on the request of the visitor in case he/she is interested in a different meal,

Any guest who comes with his/her budget, all his/her meals will be prepared on his/her order/directives and we will require a meals time table to be prepared in a collaboration of both the guests and the cooks. We prefer preparing meals with the consent of all the people living in the house/family and considering different interests of different house dwellers including guests.

We serve; Chapati, Mandazi, Tea, farm foods like potatoes, beans, green grams, cassava, maize, bananas, Local vegetables. We also serve beef, Milk, Chicken, several species of fish found in Lake Victoria, Irish potatoes, spaghetti, indomie, chips, sossi, Rice, budgie, Ugali and porridge, and any other food staff palatable to Guests at their orders/requests.

During your stay, your linens will be washed twice a week on agreement, and your room will be swept and arranged regularly. We have a separate bathroom only for our guests' use, but those who like can do swimming in lake Victoria direct as we are only 200 metres from the lake shore.

With our guests, we enjoy charting, exchanging cultures and sometimes partying or eating out.

About the host

Gabriele (18)

Host since



Afrikaans, English

I understand English and swahili language I am also perfect in the two languages I’m interested in learning a language and sharing mine. This will show you as offering a language exchange in your public profile

Last seen online

more than 6 month ago

My name is Gabriele lennox I am 18yrs old man I am not married but I live with my parents a family of eleven kids and two mothers I am running a project calledHelp with Mfangano Island Youths empowerment I started this 2016
I want help and encourage youths in their daily lives
Welcome we empower our youths on this beautiful island.

Project dates

Work to be done

  • gardening
  • farming
  • language practice
  • help in the house
  • teaching projects
  • maintenance tasks

Expected workhours

  • 2 hours a day
  • 5 days a week

Work exchange deal

  • private cottage, private room, shared cottage, shared room, shared apartment

There are enough rooms for as many visitors as possible, with kneat and well spread beds covered with mosquito nets

  • shared meals

We prepare three meals breakfast, lunch, dinner.volunteers will also have chance to prepare their own meals if one need and those who will like to share who traditions food will have chance

  • no money is involved

We don't offer any money the work volunteers will do will be exchanged for the food