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Organic farm needs help with gardening and alpaca care

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About the workproject

We need 5 volunteers


We are a little family running a well established organic farm.

The farm was established in autumn 2014. Cultivated area is 6 ha and 0,8 ha greenhouse area under organic conditions (demeter association). In spring 2015 we started our CSA (community supported agriculture) and delivered our first vegetables in June the same year.

We grow more than 100 different vegetables and herbs to give our costumers a wide range of products year round. We planted already a couple of trees for the permaculture garden. At the moment we try to establish a Seed Cooperation with some other nearby farmers. Since summer 2016 we also startet to have some animals.

Animals on our farm are:
- 2 Alpacas
- 6 Sheeps
- 16 Chickens + 1 cock
- 3 Cats
- 3 Ducks

We offer:

- We are happy to teach our way of working to others and are open to new ideas and dedicated people. We do not just want to offer work against food and lodging - we live and love what we do and offer cultural exchange as well as learning

- you can learn how to grow regional and seasonal vegetables in a biodynamic way

- completely own cultivation, we do not buy seedlings, we sow, peck and raise the plants by ourselves and by hand

- we have the possibility to use only seed-proof seeds, which comes from ecological propagation; no hybrids, no genetic engineering and we collect our own seeds

- we convert conventionally managed land to organic farming; this is an active contribution to environmental protection

- we don't use sprays, including insecticides and fungicides that are otherwise authorized in organic farming: We weed by hand and plant biodivers so that a natural soil structure is preserved

- we focus on biodiversity (flower strips, mixed culture), further distances between the plants for a better aeration and varieties that have been bred for organic farming (natural resistance) and a wide crop rotation. A mixture of permaculture and vegetable cultivation

- We like to explain everything very well and have a lot of fun with gardening

- You can gain a lot of practical experience and theoretical knownledge

- we will show you the beautiful region and you can also learn about the history, the regional food and drinks

- We can provide vegetarian and vegan meals. We do cook together

- we speak english and german

- a small, peaceful community with people from all over the world
- and many things more smile

We do have "Extra Projects", which you can join, if you have a special talent or just the will, to do that. Like creative and construtionable things, painting walls, constructing shelters, repairing bikes, building things inside the house or making juice, herbs, tea, mixed-pickles, jam, sauces...and many more.
We are also very open for your own ideas smile

Extra tasks are also:
- take care for the animals (not only feeding..)
- take care for the hole farm and houses areas
- FoodSharing
- contact to our members
- spread love smile

We work together with FoodSharing. It is a cooperation to save food before it enters the dumpster. The food is shared at our farm. If you are interested in that topic you can join one of us during the weekly pick ups.

For 2019 our projects are:

- growing lots of vegetables
- finishing our first permaculture garden
- go on with chicken and duck keeping
- make a pond for aquaculture
- extending the production of herbs, for tea, spice mixtures
- building a camping area for Volunteers
- planting many trees
- painting walls inside and outside the house, artists welcome
- lots of constructing things
- & so many many things more smile

Our work during the whole year:
- weeding (all by hand) - not so much in winter
- planting (all by hand)
- sowing (all by hand)
- harvesting (all by hand)
- take care for all plants
- preparing soil (by hand/tools..)
- watering
- construction things
- creativity and arts

Everybody who enjoys working on a small scale farm in a nice and familiar atmosphere with place for 3-8 Volunteers at the same time from all over the world is welcome on our farm!
We are at the moment a team of 4 young people working and exploring the world of organic farming and solidarity agriculture!
We wish for people who are very interested in biodynamic farming methods and who like to work physically.
We are happy to teach our way of working to others and are open to new ideas and dedicated people. We do not just want to offer work against food and lodging - we live what we do and offer cultural exchange as well as learning.
Volunteers should work with us 4-5 hours from Monday till Friday.

We host 4 up to 8 Volunteers (sometimes more) at the same time, so you can get to know many different people from all over the world.

Join us if you like! grin

Nice to see round here is a old monastery (Maulbronn). Stuttgart and Heidelberg are nearby (half hour with train, one hour by car).

In summer you can go swimming in lakes or swimming pools (20 min car drive).

We can provide place to stay for 4, maximum 14 people in separated rooms and group rooms. One house of the farm is for apprenticeships and volunteers with kitchen, shower and living room, laundry room and garden.

All meals are provided. We work as well on a worldwide volunteer cookbook. Therefore we really like if you cook a traditional meal from your country grin

About the host

Stefanie (39)

Host since



English, German, Portuguese

English, german, portuguese fluent bit of spanish and french

Last seen online

more than 6 month ago

Hi, my name is Stefanie (34), mother of two. I run an organic farm with Oswaldo (33). I am german. He is brazilian.
We both love nature, gardening, animals and for sure our kids.
We love to work with volunteers as well. More than 120 visit us every year and a lot come back to see us and the farm again. We share our stories, ideas of life and the world.

Project dates

Open for offers, contact us

Work to be done

  • gardening
  • construction
  • farming
  • language practice
  • help in the house
  • maintenance tasks

Expected workhours

  • 5 hours a day
  • 5 days a week

Work exchange deal

  • private room, shared room, shared apartment

The volunteers live together in one house. There is 1 single rooms, 3 double bed rooms and one group room with single beds for max. 4 people. There is one bathroom, two toilets, one kitchen with oven, electric cooking, blender, dryer for fruits, two fridges etc. One big living room with tons of books about gardening, philosophy, poems...

  • self catering

The volunteers prepare their meals usually together. So you can taste meals from all around the world.
All the ingredients are provided by the farm. There is a weekly shopping list and we get a lot of food from Foodsharing.
Sometimes we eat together, but usually there are too many volunteers that our family and the volunteers would fit at one table wink
But we often share hummus or other nice veggie meals and sometimes we go together to eat pizza or traditional german food.

  • no money is involved

Some volunteers had been hired as workers after their stay. But generally there is no money involved.