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New Chapter Development for Youth(NCDY)

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About the workproject

We need 4 volunteers

New Chapter Development for Youth (NCDY) is an NGO established in 2004 at grass root level from the initiatives of the people at the grass-root level, after discovering that there are a lot of problems contributing to the marginalization of vulnerable groups such as children, youth, women, and people with disabilities. These groups require special attention and the means to facilitate procedures to solve any problems arising. The Registration N0 of the organization is; 00NGO/00002871, and since 2009 it serves at a national level. NCDY is determined to help all people regardless of their gender, marital status, disability, race, colour, religion, political belief and employment status.NCDY aims to help a wide variety of people who have been personally marginalized and will consider all types of differences.

NCDY is dedicated to helping vulnerable children, youth, women and people with disabilities by giving them the means to live a better life; this will be achieved by establishing different programs and activities which inspire action over the 2030 Agenda for sustainable development.

NCDY is committed to working with a different range of stakeholders to foster teamwork, to achieve a sustainable future.

Our Organization seek to offer travellers/volunteers from around the globe the opportunity to leave a lasting impact on the lives of the most vulnerable children, Youth, Women and people with disabilities. Opportunities are provided for volunteers to spend time from volunteer work and services in the areas listed below:

(1)-Children's Development Program which has the following Activities
(a)Child Protection (b)Reintegration of Street Children (c) Direct Support to Vulnerable Children (d) English Club

(2)-Youth's Development Program which has the following activities
(a) Vocational Training (b) Mentoring, peer counselling, social recreation and Service Learning (c)Extracurricular activities, Life skills activities, games, sports, arts and music in and out of school (d) Sexual and Reproductive Health including Menstrual Health Management (MHM) and hygiene.

(3)-Women's empowerment which has the following activities
(a)Entrepreneurship skills (b) Ending Gender-based Violence (c) Education.

(4)- We need travellers/volunteers to help with teaching in one of our partner schools (at local schools) a signed to by the hosting project (any subject of your preferred choice), Volunteers may also train children on sports like football, netball and other outdoor activities.

(5)- Help with Computers/internet: Most of the students at these schools have never used a computer before; however, these computer literacy skills are essential for future use in higher education and in their careers, as well as their everyday life. It is appreciated if volunteers can set up computer literacy lessons at the school.

(6)- Helping a project for Youth for the purpose of to help most vulnerable children especially street children and Orphans. The primary goal of this project is to enable Most Vulnerable Children (MVC) especial Street Children (of/on), orphans and children in foster families to return to life in a caring and stable family environment either with their own family, a foster family or by living independently in the community.

(7)-English Club- English language training to help learners in both communicative mode and instruction at their public schools. The truth is that English is not really taught well at public schools where most vulnerable children and youth are enrolled and they do not become competent in the four linguistic skills. Having observed this problem we launched an English club that brings vulnerable children and youth to learn and interact in English for their future use. As a teacher, I use the available local resources to support learners to learn ESL. I use the animations and songs to support learners to learn English at our centre

(8) -Photography and Videography
A volunteer with professional skills in Photography, filming and editing videos for all the current fundraising projects in our organization. Mainly storytelling videos about the Most Vulnerable Children, youths, women and people with disabilities.

(9)- Administration / Management training
with growth, we meet the challenges of more effective administration/management of our organization and its projects. We need our organizational structures and procedures to be revised, perhaps new policies to govern our activities to be implemented. The volunteer would help us structure the foundation of the programs and take part in, measure our impact. We welcome all kind of project management training.

(10)-Grant and proposal writing.
As we are an NGO, it needs funding. Instead of personal fundraising, we want to focus on funding for projects that will eventually become sustainable. Therefore, we are in search of creative but professional grant and proposal writers, able to find the niches in our projects qualified for one-time big funding.

(11)-Assisting in local hospitals, holding HIV/AIDS awareness talks, etc.

(12)-We also need online volunteers(online skills) who can help us with our website, social media etc.also at the office who can help train us to use all these new ways of marketing our organization.

If you have an idea of which area you would like to volunteer in, even if it was not mentioned above, let us know and we will see if such an opportunity is available.

All we need and care about is to serve and help the community.

About the host

Micky (33)

Host since




My mother tongue is Swahili, but I also have a great ability to speak English and I also really want to study French and German. I am willing to teach Helper(s)/Volunteer(s) Swahili language and the culture as a whole

Last seen online

more than 6 month ago

I am a development practitioner and a social worker by a professional, For several years I have been working with various NGOs to help the community (especially a society in need)I am positive, open-minded, social and communicable, always trying to take all possible chances from life for self-development and helping people.

Project dates

Open for offers, contact us

Work to be done

  • gardening
  • construction
  • language practice
  • teaching projects
  • charity work
  • art projects
  • computer help
  • internet support
  • child care / au pair

Expected workhours

  • 4 hours a day
  • 5 days a week

Work exchange deal

  • private room, shared room, shared apartment

You can choose to live in a volunteer(s) house or with a family (host family). We have host homes with local community members that are willing and excited to host the volunteers from across the world, who have been approved by our local team in Tanzania. Volunteers can expect to share a bedroom with one other volunteer of the same gender, comprised of single beds or bunk beds. Bedding is provided. The homes have been risking assessed with a mosquito net, a lockable door and access to clean water, within a safe and secure environment.

In a host family, you will be assigned to your bedroom with a lock, You will not always have running water but there will be clean washing water to bath and shower in. You will be living in a host family house and become a member of that family, which gives you the opportunity to learn their culture, learn a new language, and virtually do everything with them. Host families are carefully selected and are very caring and friendly.

If you are living in a volunteer(s) house, sometimes you will be sharing a room with other volunteers. The volunteer house often has up to 4 volunteers, so it can be quite fun as you get to know your roommates. The House contains rooms which have three/four single beds, showers and clean toilets.

You can also let us know the type of accommodation you prefer and we will help you get it if you send us to advance notice.

  • shared meals

Breakfast, Lunch and dinner is provided Monday to Sunday. Breakfast is self-help and normally includes coffee, tea with bread/toast, cereal and a selection of fresh fruits. Dinner includes a wide variety of dishes featuring food such as chicken or beef with beans, pasta, vegetable or rice. Dinner may also include a salad or soup.

A Helper/volunteer is also allowed to cook something by his/her own

NOTE:Our projects are run in a very low budget,We ask volunteer(s) to donate $ 5 per day for food

  • no money is involved

We do not have financial ability to pay for the work to be done,we are happy to join hands and work with volunteers.