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Forest Village paggaio

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About the workproject

We need 2 volunteers

When this project started in 2016, we had just been offered the opportunity to give a new life to a once abandoned beautiful little forest village on the slopes of the Paggaio mountain. We wanted to renew this once very lively place to offer space for cultural and social exchange. This place is paradise on earth - we just had to awaken it. And we did ! Thanks to our friends and wonderful volunteers, we now are in charge of 7 wooden guest houses and a wonderful place to host events and travellers from all over the world.

We are now waiting for you its new adventures ! Its guests (travellers and volunteers) are the ones who give live to our place and, as any living place, it needs to be taken care of.

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Ιστορίες γύρω από την φωτιά!

October 8, 2019

Τα πρώτα κρύα μας πλησίασαν και το τζάκι άναψε.Οι παρέες μαζεύονται σιγά σιγά και αρχιζουν οι ιστορίες γύρω από τις φλογες.

Project dates

Open for offers, contact us

Work to be done

  • gardening
  • construction
  • help in the house
  • teaching projects
  • maintenance tasks
  • animal care
  • hostel support

Expected workhours

  • 5 hours a day
  • 5 days a week

Work exchange deal

  • private room

One room with everything.

  • shared meals

  • no money is involved