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Please Help With Heavily Cluttered Home & yard-sorting, posting to classified, boxing, yard sailing etc

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About the workproject

We need 1 volunteer

I have gone through some extremely difficult stuff & impacted by them. Presently not able to return to work due to work place abuse. Impact of relationship & family scapegoating and abuse very difficult to overcome with no support. After these events my home became extremely cluttered & dysfunctional prohibiting things that bring me wellness, joy, creativity.

Currently I am at risk of losing my home repair grant due to clutter so my need for help is urgent. If i lose the grant, Ill likely lose my home as porch roof leaks a fair bit and did not have a furnace through the winter. I am working to heal through time in nature and physical activity/yoga. Seeking gentle like minded respectful souls. Will be grateful for immediate help as my timeline is urgent and I'm quite overwhelmed. Would love the company.

I am an easy going kind fun loving playful intelligent warm communicative person who has many interests & a great love of learning, cultures, and the outdoors. Love being outside, exercising. I thrive when around kind respectful people, but sadly have had few in my life, which have left me and my home in a diminished capacity. I would love the company but will have boundaries of what I expect & will or will not tolerate.....I do expect the same respectful treatment toward me as I will provide for you.

My home is over cluttered and seeking someone empathetic, assertive, kind to assist and help organize clutter from (house, yard & large outdoor car port tent), sort, & help with yard sales, posting things for sale on computer in classified, helping with blog & You-Tube channel construction, helping me learn & clean out my iPad, helping with abuse issues/women's/human rights/advocacy direction, talking, exercising etc.

Prefer a woman, as I am one myself, but a man is fine if suited to this by experience. Also, I do need a few repairs with things such as plumbing, shelves, yard work, tree trimming, garden construction, dry walling etc.

I am a woman who has gone through lots of trauma, was assaulted on the job, with no family support, unable to get back to work & overwhelmed with more than I can manage alone. I am a very young and youthful personality, though, mid age now with so much loss as a result and many days when by myself feel like I'm in quicksand when I look at what I need to do to get back on track now.

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I speak a fair bit broken Spanish, small amount French, proper and correct English. I'd love to learn other languages such as polish, German, Japanese, etc any

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I've described myself throughout. Yes I grieve, but am also playful, light hearted, good sense of humour, big kid at heart

Project dates

Open for offers, contact us

Work to be done

  • construction
  • language practice
  • help in the house
  • teaching projects
  • maintenance tasks

Expected workhours

  • 5 hours a day
  • 6 days a week

Work exchange deal

  • tent

I prefer fewer people, say 1-2 to manage things and for meal prep time, but can accommodate more come warm tent season. Hours per day I am requesting 5-6 hours a day, some days more if needed, such as yard sale days and that time will then be taken off other days hours. actually need more at onset but this would be discussed with the volunteer.

Can provide half to full board. Accommodation may be in a tent due to clutter within home. Once the kitchen becomes more clean and functional I can cook and prepare some nice salads. I can provide some food, packaged dry goods and canned goods. I am not proud but do go for meals to local churches due to finances at present and you would be welcome to accompany me if you do not judge the less fortunate people that also attend.

My home is small so there’s limited private space. I could give a cluttered bedroom place a mattress on the floor in the living room until we manage to clear more room. Through the summer months I can provide a tent and blankets if you prefer. I have bath tub but no shower. I don't have pets. All clutter is clean clutter, just too much stuff.
Thunder Bay airport is an hour bus ride, maybe possible to have a friend bring me to pick you up depending on time of arrival.
My home is within a 1/4 block of a bus route and I will provide bus instruction if I am unable to pick you up. I live on the north side of town not terribly far from the east/west running highway and the airport is on the south side of town.

When I have support or do things for another and see progress or feel little spurts of believing things possible, I am energized and can accomplish much, but having companionship which is supportive is rare. It seems I give so much but fail to find people with the integrity to treat me as I do them. When around respectful understanding people, I am completely light hearten, silly, joyful and grateful. I am soon to lose my repair grant and then my house will be lost to disrepair and my finances require me to rent a room after the clutter is gone if I am to be able to keep my home. I would be grateful for kind understanding help. Thank you

  • shared meals

  • no money is involved