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Multiple Types of Farm Animals, Breeders of Exotic Birds, As Well As Gardens & Cabins & A Campground!

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Travel dates

27°C, 08:23

About the workproject

We need 2 volunteers

We raise a lot of different animals (Horses, Cows, Goats, Peacocks, Red Golden Pheasants, Guinea Fowl, Chickens, Mandarin Ducks, plus 3 friendly Maremma Livestock Guardian dogs that keep the predators away (1 is a puppy-in-training). In the house we have 2 parrots & 2 friendly cats! We also have a good-sized garden, some fruit trees, berries & grapes.
We're also Airbnb hosts & have room & cabin rentals, as well as camping & we host weddings

We have tried to be as detailed as possible, so you have a clear idea of who we are!

*** PLEASE READ OUR AD CAREFULLY, AS WE DON`T WANT YOU TO BE UNHAPPY HERE AS IT MAKES US UNHAPPY AS WELL! Life is too short for anyone to be stressed out! The only people that have been unhappy here are ones that have ignored what our requests are for a helper as they wanted to come anyway. Keep in mind, most helpers don`t have any references, so we have to rely on your word that you fit our requirements!

Anyone coming must have realistic expectations of farm life!
I am happy to help you with your English & teach you about gardening or cooking & share my recipes with you as well.
Unless you are doing the animal job, hours can be very flexible, & you can bank them for extra time off!

Along with general help, we also need someone that is knowledgeable with chainsaws or carpentry!

All animals are kept outside except for the parrots and
our 2 cats. One of the parrots keeps everybody laughing with her comments & does an amazing array of tricks, animal imitations, laughing & also sings.

The farm is 33.6 acres (14 hectares) sitting at the base of a mountain, surrounded by a huge forest on 3 sides (the smell of the oxygen is great!) & we have 1300` (396 m) of river frontage with our own beach (you can swim in late summer & fall). There is also a couple of large ponds & some creeks. We are in a very popular recreational area for the local people for camping, hiking, dirt biking, mountain biking, ATV’ing (with quads and 4 x 4s), whitewater kayaking, rafting & we've got world class fishing off our beach! There are unlimited logging roads & trails through the forest here! There is a popular 5 1/2 hour (return) hike to Windy Knob (one of the peaks of our mountain), that offers spectacular views of Chilliwack & the surrounding mountains, but you would need footwear suitable for snow if you go up there. We have mountain bikes available for your use, & if you are an experienced, kind, gentle horseback rider (& can saddle them up yourself) you are welcome to ride. If you have sufficient experience, you can take them off the property onto the trails. The horses are generally quiet & gentle, mostly green broke (but fairly safe). You may have the opportunity for a horse & buggy ride!
Our water comes from our own little spring-fed mountain waterfall! We have a little vineyard, some berries, & fruit trees, have a good-sized garden & are planting more of everything!

We grow our garden organically & also try not to use chemicals, hormones or antibiotics wherever possible with our livestock or poultry.

We have 3 rustic fishermen`s cabins deep in the forest by a pond, that you are welcome to use when they are vacant (as long as you clean them after you)!


If your parents did everything for you, you are probably not suitable for us!

We prefer that you are at least 20 (older is preferred).

As there is A LOT of work to be done, you MUST be someone that can work independently with good work ethic, is MOTIVATED, reliable, efficient & a self-starter. If you are too engrossed in heavy conversation during working hours, mistakes tend to get made. You are welcome to talk at length after you are done, and we`d love to get to know you as well! You are also welcome to play as long as you wish with the animals, AFTER you are finished!
We can only take a few people so those we take must be serious about helping.

***If you tend to do things at a relaxed speed, a busy farm is probably not the place for you!

We prefer stays of *AT LEAST* 3 weeks, unless you are quite experienced already.

Most of the horses are turned out to pasture all summer and fall, so we don`t have too much to do with them in those seasons.

We are doing fencing and building a barn, planting some trees, splitting & moving wood, clearing out underbrush and of course animal care (more in the winter and spring). We are hoping to put a turbine on our waterfall to generate some of our own power as well. There are vehicles & machinery (including our classic cars that need some work if you have the skills). We would certainly welcome anyone with bio-dynamic and permaculture knowledge. If you are experienced with Mac computers, that would be a bonus!

The type of help we need:

General labour, animal help, collecting and chopping firewood, seeding, clearing brush, helping with fencing, building, clean-up etc.

Some light housekeeping (for the house and our 3 cabins in the forest) & gardening.

Helping Debbi with the cooking, as well as with looking after the outside birds, as well as the cats, & parrots.

Feeding & cleaning stalls & paddocks for all the animals & keeping an eye out for changes in them. You MUST care about animals, be very physically STRONG, EFFICIENT & OBSERVANT for this job! (You must be able to handle heavy wheelbarrows easily, as small loads are too time consuming)

Mechanical help! Obviously you must have some previous training!

We are located in Chilliwack, B.C., & it`s about 1 1/2 hours drive from downtown Vancouver or the nearest ski mountain (Grouse Mountain), (or 3 hours to Whistler).
We are 20 minutes by car or 40 minute bike ride to town, & are 3 kms is down a forest road. There are opportunities to get a ride with us when we go into town.
We will pick you up when you arrive & drop you off when you leave. Due to the nature of our farm, sometimes you may have to wait at the bus station for a bit, but there is a Tim Hortons coffee place with free Wifi right by there & there are many stores around.

You must be (as we are) honest, dependable, reasonably clean & mentally stable, no (unmedicated) bipolar or anger management issues please! NO DRUGS, HEAVY DRINKERS OR SMOKERS (inside or outside)!!!

Sorry, we do not accept children & preferably not couples.

A great sense of humour is a definite asset!

We don`t care if you have dreadlocks, but if you don`t wash your hair AT LEAST once a week (with shampoo) it ruins our bedding! (Yes, it happened!)

I shop in the U.S. often, so you can come as well.

We ask if you are not seriously committed to coming here that you not ask to come! It is difficult when we receive cancellations last minute & is not fair to the people we turn away who could have come & enjoyed the experience. We try to make the experience good for you & know many are applying for jobs, but ask that you give 2 wks notice, so that we have a chance to find someone else.
We know we can`t make everyone happy, but we expect that if you are unhappy, that you talk to us so we can try to resolve any issues.
We are new here, but have hosted many years off of other sites & have had wonderful reviews, here are the latest ones:

Helper: Matt
From: Germany Date: August 14, 2018
I stayed about a month at Debbi and Dario's place.
Most of the time we were 3 volunteers (2 girls and me). I worked for Dario most of the time, while the girls were working for Debbi.
My main duties were taking care of the animals (pigs, chickens, turkeys, peacocks, ducks, horses, goats..) feeding them, making sure they have got water, cleaning the stalls.
After the daily chores were done, there was always something to do on the farm like weeding around the pig fence, working down at the campground and more. That kept me busy every day. I liked it.
When there was something not clear, Dario and I talked about it.
Every now and then we went across the border, mostly with Debbi.. when you do, you will stop at Edaleen's. The ice cream is really, really good! :D Debbi also does a bird show with her parrot sometimes, it is really funny and amazing what this bird can do.
I haven't seen any bears while I was there :( the

Feedback left by (Selina) for you 27/06/2018
I spent a little over a month on Debbie and Darios farm. I had a very extraordinary experience there. They gave me lots of learning experiences and their trust to build them a couple chicken tractors.. loved it. I made some real friends there. The work there was sometimes challenging but never too much to handle. I grew on myself and I am thankful for that.
Debbi often took me over the US border, we went dancing, Kayaking and to the local Funpark. I truly loved it. I am looking forward to coming back here and to stay in contact with all those lovely people.
I would definitely recommend coming here!
All the best, tell Dario I said hi!
see you soon, Selina

Feedback left by (Felix) for you 08/05/2018
The stay on the farm was my first work away experience and I am happy that I had the chance to stay there. I learned different skills, how to work with animals, carpentry, planting trees and other. There are different tasks every day. I already miss the animals, especially the dogs and goats! The farm is in a remote area, but when you have a car the town is only 20-30 min away when you need something. There are several hikes when you drive along the Chilliwack lake road (visit Chilliwack visitor center for a hiking map). If you are interested in rafting there are rafting tours a few minutes away from the farm. There is also cultus lake, where you can enjoy your day off.
Debbi and Dario are both helpful and nice people, who are both very good cooks. When you like playing cards, Debbie is always searching for people to play cards in the evening and I really liked to listen to Darios stories. The balance between work and free time was always fair.
I really can recommend to stay on this farm when you have the chance.

About the host

Deborah (65)

Host since



English, French, Italian

I speak only English, but my husband is fluent in French & also speaks some Italian.

Last seen online

more than 6 month ago

My husband & I run this farm together & both us like dancing (country and western, latin, swing and ballroom), vintage cars (we have a few), cooking (and eating!), and enjoy having pot luck barbecues here during the summer and fall, and we love farming! Debbi also loves humour, computers, traveling, shopping, and playing cards. We are quiet, considerate, reasonable and very respectful of others privacy and hopefully you are as well!

Project dates

Open for offers, contact us

Work to be done

  • gardening
  • construction
  • farming
  • help in the house
  • maintenance tasks
  • animal care
  • computer help

Expected workhours

  • 4 hours a day
  • 6 days a week

Work exchange deal

  • shared room

There is a beautiful big bedroom in the house with an ensuite bathroom and there is also a big artist`s loft. The bedroom is used in the winter as the loft is not insulated well. They are often shared if there are many helpers and can be mixed. The artist`s loft has individual nooks with a light in each and a heavy curtain for privacy. We provide laundry, high speed internet, some DVD's, books, a pool table, foosball table, Nintendo 64 (with all the best games I'm told!), bicycles, badminton, volleyball, a trampoline, a guitar, water guns, games and of course horses! If you can play, you are welcome to play our baby grand piano!
You are expected to keep your room and bathroom tidy, cleaning up after yourselves and being respectful of our things also.

  • shared meals

Lunches and dinners are usually prepared for you, & we provide good-sized portions. We like healthy good-tasting food. We do not supply junk foods, juice or soda. Please let us know in advance if you have any dietary restrictions! ***THIS IS NOT A PLACE FOR VEGETARIANS OR PICKY EATERS! We don't eat meat always, but often use bone broths etc.

  • offering money for additional hours 

We offer money for persons that are skilled tradespeople, mostly for carpentry. Occasionally, we will offer some extra hours for general labor. Please do not come here expecting to be paid unless you are a certified carpenter etc.