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About the workproject

We need 1 volunteer

I have been making my living with Horses for over 50 years ( Horse Shoer, Trainer, Instructor , owner, operator of Riding Stable ) and Hosting Travellers since 2000 in The Okanagan ,Lake Country, BC Canada during the summer (june till oct ) and The Baja Peninsula Mexico in the winter (nov till april)
We are on a Beautiful Hill Side property operating my seasonal Horse Trail Riding Business.
You would be dealing with riders and their children and using My step by step Program to deliver a Save, Enjoyable Horse Experience and Trail Rides up the Mountain .
There are also openings for less the experienced , If you can get comfortable to lead a horse And can Follow Clear Instructions you will have no problem .
With young Horses ( or rehabilitation) you will have the opportunity to utilize My from the "ground up training program," consisting of English .Western basics ,Clicker Training and Natural Horsemanship exercises to help them learn using their Natural Genetic Imprinting.

The summers and Fall in the Okanagan Desert are very Pleasant ! Everybody will have their own private space IE: Spacious new tents ( or RV )and clean bedding supplied ( With Heaters in the Fall ) ! Minutes from Town and Beaches ,the family that owns the property live in the house above with congenial neighbours nearby !

Lots of riding and opportunities to learn everything else that goes with it be it : Training ,Trimming and Shoeing,Round Pen Training . Saddle repair,Leather craft,Power tools,maintaining RV (caravan) .

Preferences for volunteers :
Mature, fit ,able to understand basic English, Travel Medical Insurance , willing to follow Instructions and commit for a MINIMUM of two weeks or longer .
Prefer ,non drinker non smoker,willing to explore a vegetarian - vegan lifestyle (omnivores tolerated ) If you are interested in lifestyle changes and cleanses I would be glad to accommodate you with that too !
Sheltered Outdoor Kitchen and Social Space
Also have bikes and vehicle for experienced ,responsible licensed driver. 2 lakes and many beaches just minutes away !
also we use
vitamix ,juicer,and make our own sauerkraut.

I do Not Micro Manage the coming and goings of helpers ! (Let it be Organic )
so just let me know as your dates develop and please communicate with me via phone-text when in" Transit "

pick up in Kelowna Bus station or airport .

I find some people have developed a certain theory of Wanting to be the horses friend ( equal -partner )
And constantly petting their nose ( and sending out those loving Vibes to a 1000 Pounds of Horse flesh)

Prefer to let them sniff your hand and then stroke them between the eyes ,(and sending out an " ALPHA" Vibe connections)

I also INSIST on the importance of the horse Standing STILL when held ( by you ) or tied , for grooming, saddling , mounting etc till taken "OUT OF THE STAND STILL "

If these Theories do not resonate with you or you think you might have problems adapting and learning this method this is NOT for you !

About the host

Peter (67)

Host since



German, English

Last seen online

3 Months ago

Have hosted travellers since 2000 at my tourist horseback riding business. I am single at 67 years keeping fit,healthy and busy!

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Work to be done

  • gardening
  • construction
  • farming
  • language practice
  • teaching projects
  • maintenance tasks
  • tourist support
  • eco projects
  • animal care
  • computer help
  • internet support

Expected workhours

  • 5 hours a day
  • 6 days a week

Work exchange deal

  • camper, tent, trailer / caravan

  • shared meals

  • no money is involved

shared tip- gratuity

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  • Fast response
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