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My name is Dennis Zirintusa. I was born in Jinja, Uganda, and lived with both my parents for 7 years, but then my Dad died, followed shortly after by my Mom. For most of my life I have not had a Mom or Dad to care for me, only God and an orphanage where I received basic schooling. l am now born again believer, who has seen God provide through the giving from overseas Christians for my high school and college studies. After having the opportunity to be set up in the Media Industry, in line with my studies, my long time dream of creating and running my own ministry to other orphans became possible. I am now the founder and director of Rising Camp Ministry in Butiki village, Butembe County located about 3km from Jinja town. In Mafubira sub-County, Jinja District.

Rising Camp Ministry is an independent, indigenous non-governmental organization which was created specifically to help poor orphans, and has been my heart's dream since I was helped by an orphanage myself. My prayer to the Lord is that He brings men and women with the heart for Africa to help with this work. We empower the poorest of the poor children through education and support like school requirements, shoes, books, school uniforms, medication, food and much more, according to the need at hand. It’s still a young growing ministry which needs more support to reach our goals and aims.

"RISING CAMP" is so named because the "basic camp fire is where the donated food is cooked, and here HOPE is RISING, as we depend upon the goodness of our God." Please join us in helping these young lives.


Over the last 20 years the level of orphan hood has increased alarmingly in our country and has become a great concern to the nation at large. No doubt HIV/AIDS has played a big role in creating orphan headed families, those who have lost hope after the demise of the bread winners, these destitute children end up living a hopeless life. Without matching efforts to combat the epidemic, we could lose a whole generation.

At Rising Camp we work among the very poor and marginalized rural areas in Uganda, with affected and afflicted families from previous calamities. A vast majority are orphans who have lost their parents or spouses due to HIV/AIDS or war. These are the very poorest people that mean the most to us because we know that they do have value and that there is hope for them. We settle these children in foster families and extend support to these homes to enable them to have a brighter future. The basic needs range from shelter, bedding, food and clothing to medical care, but we are still working in a community based area as we lack our own land. We do much with so little, but believe God wants us to build a home base of our own, so that we can also teach them about Jesus, and his desire to be their Father with an unconditional love for them.

Another of our aims is to promote voluntary opportunities where visiting youth can come and participate first-hand on our mission and work in partnership with economically disadvantaged groups most especially the youth of our mission.
We endeavour to equip disadvantaged youth and widows with skills to enable them to be self-supporting in themselves.
We work hand-in-hand in oneness with communities to save under privileged children and youth who go to bed hungry, abused, neglected or orphaned by AIDS or other high risk housing for a life time. Every day we have an opportunity to share the love of Christ to as many as these, by meeting their day to day physical and spiritual needs.


We are forever reminded by the Holy Spirit that the ministry we do of reaching the lost in poor rural areas in Uganda and caring for orphans and widows is a worthwhile cause and an honour to serve the 'least of these.' In Western nations, where money is spent on providing not only homes but expensive cars, 4 x 4s, caravans, and 'holidays', few would realise that in Uganda the the 'value of money' would provide so much more. For example, what a couple would spend in many restaurants in Australia or USA for a family birthday celebration, would feed and clothe a whole family in Uganda for 6 months! Also be aware that we do not spend vast amounts upon advertising, like many international groups who advertise on your TV screens. Every dollar given is used within the Rising Camp mission. Please prayerfully ask our Lord if He would ask you to help or maybe become a partner with our ministry. Thank you.


As the present need is so great, firstly we need to FEED children, which means daily. If you live in a western country, please consider those who often have to endure starvation because they were unfortunately born here, instead of your home. Please. Then these poor ones need CLOTHING, because nakedness is the only alternative, which opens their young lives to abuse. Then the only lasting way forward is for education. School books, placement in foster homes and caring parents. With Christian care, children and their carers are ALL helped together, and families can gain support to plant crops from which they can produce their own food, so giving sustainability. So we need SPONSERS who can give us ongoing support and allow us to plan for CARE and SUSTAINABILITY.


As this model of placement of children and food and clothing and sustainability grows, many concerned Christian volunteers are together praying for our own basic land and buildings to enable are greater number of children to be helped. Land here is really cheap here in Butiki Village, a suitable block costing only US$5,000. Building materials for a school/housing building would follow with a similar amount. 50 Christians giving $100 is all it would take. Or some on salaries of over $100k may be urged to donate more. Anything that you can generously give, will be 'sown' in 'good soil'.


As you can imagine, there are many medical challenges we face like 'a burn' or 'malaria', colds, flu, viruses
and even HIV/aids. We need continued support to enable us to tackle these problems in a humane way.

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