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27°C, 15:26

About the workproject

We need 1 volunteer

Are you looking for alternative life style of living and thinking ?
You are young and full of questions about life !!
Together we will find answers . This is your place.
Here you will be member of our family .

We run an Eco Naturalist Resort.
Are you looking for a chilling and lovely place to get experience and to enjoy your vacation? You just found it.

We are looking for volunteer from NOW and on , till September 2020.
Minimum stay: 1-2weeks. Less time is not really help !
Maximum stay : as much we fit each other
Few hours work per day , split at morning and afternoon shift depending the needs and the wheather.

So if you like you can help with that.
Also we will need help with gardening or painting and any other similar works we have and fits you.
You can help as you can, with any kind of works which fits you and has to be done.
Help with reception also or cleaning or bedding the rooms, depends needs. Very easy works .

What you can learn from us:
About construction works, about gardening, about how to cook Greek meals, Greek language, hoe to run an accommodation business.

We offer private (shared with 1 more volunteer) or communal - shared room in our apartment with us ,depending availability on the time will you come.

We can cook all together or every one cooks by her self.
We tried to eat as much is possible natural products. We do not have labels, like vegan or vegetarian, we eat everything cooked in healthy way.
We cultivate herds and veggies in our garden .
We provide victuals which you can cook in our communal kitchen and you can enjoy your meal.

People who likes new experience welcome.
People who likes alternative life style welcome.
People who likes to avoid their taboos welcome.
People who feel or want to feel liberated welcome.

The place has a natural garden with trees and herbs. Is quite , zen and tranquil place.
Here you can find peace and harmony.

We like only people who likes nature and likes natural way of life, alternative , people who looking for really new experience.

In free time we can enjoy the sight seen together , show you all the beautiful places in our free time or you can discovery it by your self.

Here we like to work as team.
You can get skills about gardening , and also how run an accommodation business if you are interesting about it.
We can teach you massage and meditation and you can use this skills to heal and relief your friends or to be a professional.
Massage heal the body and meditation heal the spirit .

??Will be other volunteers at the same time with me ?
A: -I don’t know.

??-I will have private room ?
A: Depent availability, time (summer or winter ) , length of your stay

?can you pick up me from the airport
A: yes depend our availability , but only in day time not at dark late arrival,

? If I have allergies or I don’t like sto cook some your victuals what I have to do ??
A: near by is super market you can buy what you like and you can cook it in our kitchen

?? After 2-3 days of my stay I feel that I don’t want to continue my helping, even if I promise that I will stay 3 weeks . What happens in this situation ??
A: this is a difficult question, your attitude will make me unhappy, and also makes unhappy candidate volunteer who requested for the same period as you, will not be able to come because I reject her and I took you in her position. All this negative energy from this bad attitude will escort you in all your life. I can’t give any penalties about it, but karma is like 69,you will get what will you give, this law exist for all kind of behavior.

??do you recommend to have health insurance??
A: is absolutely necessary

??can you share your , istagram ...???
A: ofcource

??in my free time can you teach me massage or meditation or to learn Greek language?

A: ofcource I will be more than happy to teach anything I know , that’s the meaning of this help exchange , to learn more and more .

??do I will have specific working schedule timetable
A: depends needs or we can pre-arrange a fixed schedule if you are such kind of person, don’t forget here are you coming help,not to work some hours in a specific time.

Our place is a secure and healthy place. We want to keep it like this, so :
If you like to enjoy us, at your check in you must have your passport and we will make a copy, you have to have
a criminal report from your country that you are clean and you are not wanted(translate in English ), and also a health sertificate that you don’t have any transmitter diseases (HIV, hepatitis...). We are healthy and we like to continue like that.
If you use hard drugs like heroine or similar, you are not welcome.

We can be flexi with work, but we don’t play games with our security and health.

Everybody needs to be happy !!!

Enjoy your trips in this planet ....we are infinite if we know how to reach it ....need work for that ....

About the host

Max (41)

Host since



English, Indonesian

Last seen online

more than 6 month ago

In Athens is the main accommodation business .

I am looking for 1 volunteer in my other business on Greek island 5km rom the beach for the summer time
Is nice to have help from a kind person full of smile !

Mainly i will need from volunteer to help me with some of the following :
Little help in Reception,
Little help in to the bar Bar,
Garden,(Watering or weeding or plunging) depent season .
General maintenance.
Here you can find peace and harmony.
You can gain new experience and to learn new thinks about the life and the phylosophycal way of thinking. I can teach you some ancient Greek (is one of the main language in the world, behind of every word there is a meaning).
And I will be glad to teach me your language.
You can show me your local cuisine by cooking or baking bread or sweets.
We can practice together massage and meditation. In garden I have a lot of natural herbs.
You can joy with me , the beautiful places and beaches on the island or you can explore the island by your self.
We can discuss about how long time you want to come and stay, but please keep your promise and come if we will agree for that period. 

We can exchange cultural differences thinks, is nice to share the life with open mind people. Is nice to feel that you belonge somewhere, is nice to feel that other people loves you, is nice to feel like a member of a new family. I have solar panels for hot water and the next step is to transform this energy for electricity. 

About me : I like alternative, Natural and simple lifestyle. 
One of my favorite song : John Lennon - Imagine
Do You want to find happiness, Peace, Harmony ? 
Then : Make LOVE no WAR

Peace Love & Compassion

Project dates

Open for offers, contact us

Work to be done

  • gardening
  • help in the house
  • maintenance tasks
  • tourist support
  • hostel support

Expected workhours

  • 5 hours a day
  • 6 days a week

Work exchange deal

  • private room

Private room or matress on a Shared apartment. We offer linens and towels . Sharing bathroom and kitchen.
Depending our availability at the time will you come you will get or the private room or the mattress on the apart.

  • shared meals

Some time we will cook for you , or we will cook all together or you will cook by your self

  • no money is involved