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About the workproject

We need 2 volunteers

In Athens is the first business but
I am looking for 1 volunteer on a Greek island 4km from the beach locate our ECO-Guesthouse and looking for a kind volunteer. Offer share apartment with me and partial meals.

I am looking also for 1 person who can stay 3-4 months on island and help me.
For this person :
I can offer 100euro/month standar, plus tips from bar or restaurant or massage (if you want to learn i can teach you).
Must stay here from 15th of May approximately or little later - hight season ) offer private room and meals.

If your purpose of your message is to help you to get Shengen Visa, please don't waste our time. I can't!
I can't also to buy your flight ticket. Please don't ask me for that.

Is nice to have help from a kind person full of smile !

I start to grow vegetables in my garden to do an alternative life style. To try to be independent from the system and from the money. Difficult !!!!
I had a dream to create a community where good people can live together and share the life. I am very romantic. believe it !
After i builded an eco Guesthouse here by my hands, brick to brick , room per room I worked some times 20 hours per day , that's why I don't recognise Monday from Saturday. For me all days are blissful.
Finally I make a very successfull business , I have guests from all over the world. So when I can not travel , travelers coming to me via my Guesthouse.

What I am looking to find via this site :

Looking for cheerfull and serious at the same time volunteer to be able to recognise the diference between the working hours and the chilling time.
To be able to act as member of my family. To care about me and my business.
I will take care of you like equal member.
No need to be skilled just to not be lazy.
I will teach as much i can. I have huge experience in many subject.

Mainly i will need from volunteer to help me with the following depents season :
Cleaning rooms and patio,
Garden,(Watering or planting or weeding ),
General maintenance, like painting e.t.c
Depents the season, I will need help also to renovate the rooms and the yard.

Here you can find peace and harmony. You can gain new experience and to learn new thinks about the life and the phylosophycal way of thinking. I can teach you some ancient Greek (is one of the main language in the world, behind of every word there is a meaning).
And I will be glad to teach me your language.
You can show me your local cuisine by cooking or baking bread or sweets.
We can practice together massage and meditation. In garden I have a lot of natural herbs.
You can joy with me , the beautiful places and beaches on the island or you can explore the island by your self.
We can discuss about how long time you want to come and stay, but please keep your promise and come if we will agree for that period.

We can exchange cultural differences thinks, is nice to share the life with open mind people. Is nice to feel that you belonge somewhere, is nice to feel that other people loves you, is nice to feel like a member of a new family. Is nice to have positive feelings and in to your lips a smile will rise.

I build this small paradise to live as much independent is that possible from the system.
I have solar panels for hot water and the next step is to transform this energy for electricity.

About me : I like alternative, Natural and simple lifestyle.
One of my favorite song : John Lennon - Imagine
Do You want to find happiness, Peace, Harmony ?
Then : Make LOVE no WAR

Peace Love & Compassion

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Open minded ownen, very creative and kind.
self - creatabable
i create Guest house in few countries worldwide.

Project dates

Work to be done

  • gardening
  • construction
  • help in the house
  • maintenance tasks
  • hostel support

Expected workhours

  • 6 hours a day
  • 6 days a week

Work exchange deal

  • shared apartment

If you will stay 1 month you will Share big apartment, locate into Guesthouse. You will have a bed or mattress on the floor , linen,pillow,pillowcase and towels.
Bathroom and kitchen are communal places and we share them. There is washing machine you can wash your clothes for free.
If you will stay 4 months you will have private room and full meals.

  • shared meals

You will eat with us as equal member. But if you will not like our meals or you are strictly vegan or veggie you can cook your own meal using our communal kitchen.

  • offering money for all working hours 

For extra hours after volunteering time we can discuss, when you will be here, to get some money or the tips from the bar or the small restaurant or from massage.