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Beach House and Farm needs some helping hands

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Travel dates

27°C, 12:59

About the workproject

We need 2 volunteers

If you're traveling in Panay island in the Philippines, feel free to do something different with us in the farm and beach house.

Our place is located in between beach and mountains.. So you can go to the beach or trek the mountains whatever you fancy. Boracay and Iloilo is both 4 hours away too if you want a bit of the city life.

The produce of the farm are coconuts, rice and sugarcane among others. We're trying to grow some cacao and dragon fruits too. You can help out with trying to make out products from the produce like coconut oils, rice flour, muscuvado, etc.

As for the beach house, at the moment, I need someone to help develop the beach house like painting some art in it. You can also do some skill share boyscout/girlscout activities that we can promote.

About the host


Host since




I speak English and Filipino language. I also learned a bit of Italian, Bangla, and Thai during my volunteer stints. I'm currently learning the local dialect in Antique province which is Karay-A

Last seen online

more than 6 month ago

I used to be a volunteer in an international organization and was sent to India and Thailand/Myanmar border.

I also used to be a workaholic yuppie in the 23rd floor somewhere in Metro Manila.

I also used to be teaching college babies who are older and bigger than me.

Now, I just want to live a simple life and work on my projects online while help my aunt develop the farm... until that quest to travel to travel out of the country again.

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Project dates

Open for offers, contact us

Work to be done

  • gardening
  • construction
  • farming
  • help in the house
  • teaching projects
  • maintenance tasks

Expected workhours

  • 4 hours a day
  • 4 days a week

Work exchange deal

  • private room

You can stay in a room in the beach house.. Currently no one resides there so you can have it all by yourself if you get lucky.

You can also get free coconuts in front of the beach house if you wish.

  • shared meals

We can cook together and you are invited to cook a meal from your country and share it with us too

  • no money is involved

We offer dinner and accommodation in exchange for the work..

You can help us promote the beach house:

and if we have paying guests in the beach house, we can offer part of the payment to the volunteer too.