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Experience an ashram in the hills of Bulgaria (Surya Kiran Ashram)

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Travel dates

19°C, 23:57

About the workproject

We need 3 volunteers

We have a beautiful piece of land of nearly 5 acres, above the Iskar river, 1 hour from Sofia.
The purpose of the ashram is to give space for people to grow towards their own inner power and beauty, through collective and individual spiritual practices and by karma yoga, which means dedicated work throughout the day.
We offer on top our guidance and experience in transforming the jungles of your mind and emotional bodies into blossoming gardens…

With devoted practice, discipline and humility and using the qualities of Truth, Simplicity and Love, as well as the vehicles of karma and bhakti yoga we are heading for the direction of Oneness. To know our Ultimate Nature, live and share it in our every day lives and help people find their Inner Truth is our mission...

Volunteers should be sincerely interested in their own inner development as this is the main purpose of the place
Twice a day we sing pray and perform spiritual practice, in total around 3 hours daily. As this is a vital part of the ashram life, all who visit participate in this practice. There is also yoga or other movement practice in the morning.

Your help will mostly be outdoors. Therefore the tasks we can offer very much also depend on weather conditions.
-In the garden: cutting grass, weeding, watering, planting etc
-Around the house & existing buildings: cleaning, cooking and so on
-General land maintenance with simple down-to-earth tools
-Building new spaces using clay, wood, natural materials. There are many projects in eco construction for the coming few years so you will be kept busy!!

- And this is only on the outer level- you will also be met with and confronted with your own shadows that ask for clearance, topics and issues will naturally emerge that need your loving attention, so besides the outer work you might also find yourself doing a lot of inner work...

You can learn with us discipline, surrender, self control, how to quieten the mind and take charge of it, instead of the other way round.

You can learn how to live from your heart and love without judgements, concepts, limitations.
You can experience devotion, peace and harmony and learn how to practically apply it in your life for your benefit as well as and those around you.

You can get deeper understanding about the sense of life and what is your mission in it, gain healthy attitude towards all aspect of life, let go of wrong beliefs.... and so on......

For longer stays we would like that you contribute also on the financial level, as per individual possibility.

About the host

Roksana & Rai Dass

Host since



German, English, Spanish, French, Hindi, Italian, Polish, Russian

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Hi, we are Roxi & Rai. We are creating a little paradise on earth to welcome all who wish to visit and experience it.

Project dates

Open for offers, contact us

Work to be done

  • gardening
  • construction
  • help in the house
  • maintenance tasks
  • eco projects

Expected workhours

  • 5 hours a day
  • 5 days a week

Work exchange deal

  • private room, tent, guest house, bungalow

- Cosy cob guesthouse for up to 5 people
- yoga shala 'Shakti Nivaas' - new building with space for activities/exercises and if necessary, accommodation for up to 10 people
- a beautiful tree house with space for a couple
- outside pavilion, for daytime rest, can be used as a shelter at night
- natural forest 'rooms', with a hammock & space to rest during hot days
- plenty of space for own tents.

  • shared meals

We provide 2-3 vegan/vegetarian meals a day (depending on the season). We can adapt to special dietary needs, but please make sure to let us know before of any requirements you have. You might like to bring with you snacks for in-between meals (vegetarian only please).

  • no money is involved