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Creating the Casa-Off Grid Consciousness Raising

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Travel dates

27°C, 01:27

About the workproject

We need 1 volunteer

My partner and I are the seed dreamers of an alternative off grid healing and teaching community in Northern NSW. We live in the forest on top of a mountain at the end of a long bush track.

We are in the very beginning stages of creating our dream space so there is much beginning work to do including a lot of land clearing and replanting. We will have all kinds of space for all kinds of work now and in the future. As we grow this 'play' will include many kinds of visionary, outta the box dreaming: building, alternative energy, gardening and permaculture, cleaning, art and beauty, Ceremonies/retreats/healing, landscaping, herbal and earth based medicine growing and harvesting, music, forest management...etc.
We will have many projects happening over the next few years and anyone who comes to work with us will be contributing to the creation of an earth sanctuary worthy of the new earth. We believe that all human interaction is an incredible opportunity to create love, harmony and peace on earth. So if this is the frequency you live at and you want to join with other like minded souls please come join us at the Casa smile

About the host

Jewel (61)

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We (Shane and Margaret) are a pair of visionary elders that are passionate about the flowering of consciousness of humanity and where to from here. We have been actively engaged in scared shamanic initiations because of our love for initiating and awakening the dreamers of the world. We have joyfully be wandering and traveling for many years teaching and following the voice of spirit and being of service to the great awakening of consciousness. We love human beings and love meeting travelers from all parts of the world seeking the same dream, of love freedom and community as we do.

But now we are ready to put down roots and put all our love, wisdom and experience into creating a refuge and place for healing and self empowerment for all those who are awakening and needing, the support and love of an awakened community of elders and fellow travelers. The Casa Del Corazon will be a place where love shows us how to become one with each other, one with the land and one with our spirits again. We are considered to be inspired and magical beings to hang out with...<3

Project dates

Open for offers, contact us

Work to be done

  • gardening
  • construction
  • help in the house
  • maintenance tasks
  • animal care

Expected workhours

  • 5 hours a day
  • 5 days a week

Work exchange deal

  • cabin

We have a small rustic cabin next to the waterfall with views from the cliff west towards the setting sun. Its simple, weather proof and is in the process of needing to be painted and fixed up. its one of the first projects which we need to complete has a water tank but no power, a drop dunny (out door toliet)...and a space for a simple camp style kitchen. You will have access to the Casa's kitchen, bathhouse and solar power when needed.

  • self catering

We will cook one main meal a day which we will share together (probably dinner) and otherwise supply you with the groceries for you to do your own breakfast and lunch. We like to be flexible and see what works for us all when we come together. We also belive in feed people healthy hutricious food and enough of it to fuel hungry people. If you are a great cook we encourage you to please do some of your exchange in the kitchen.

  • no money is involved