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General help around homestead

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About the workproject

We need 3 volunteers

Cozy homestead in Denmark. We are a family of two adults and two kids on 6 and 8.
For people who want to learn about slaughtery we are now going to slaughter our bull calf and 40 hens and 5 pigs. We will then turn it into lovely charcuterie and food for the family, helpers and friends.
We need a helper for taking care of our animals, milking our cow and producing dairy products.
We need another helper for housework such as cleaning, cooking and serving food, care taking and assisting in our course activities.
From March and onwards we need a third person for gardening. We will start to produce vegetables and herbs in our polytunnel for our raised beds.

We grow everything biointensive and we will give a free course in biointensive growing for all our helpers. It is a fantastic system that give us a high yield with less work.
On the farm we have one milking cow who is named Anna, a bull calf and for the moment ten piglets and 50 hens, one Shetland pony, a dog and a cat.
We try to be as independent as possible, which means growing and making our own food. We make all our cheeses, butter, sourmilk products, we slaughter own livestock and are 100% self suppliant in meat and nearly self sufficient in vegetables. At the moment we buy grains but we grind it ourselves for our bread making, pasta, beer etc.

We provide free wifi and a bicycle you are welcome to use in your sparetime.

We don't necessarily expect a 100% engagement in self sufficient lifestyle but a willingness to do the jobs and tasks on the farm with a positive attitude. A happy environment in both work and off time is crucial to us and our family

About the host

Charlotte W. (46)

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Danish, English

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4 Months ago

We are a family of 4, my husband and I and our 2 kids. We are selfsufficient as much as possible and we have a company who educate people to make their own things such as sausages, salume, how to slaughter and cut out own pig, making cheese, making bread and building raised beds for biointensive growing.
Photo: Our family with a helper. Our youngest son was not there.

Project dates

Work to be done

  • gardening
  • farming
  • help in the house
  • maintenance tasks
  • animal care

Expected workhours

  • 5 hours a day
  • 6 days a week

Work exchange deal

  • private room, shared room, camper, tent

  • shared meals

The house/helper will prepare lunch and dinner but you will prepare own breakfast. We will not always eat meals together because of our work. If you are vegetarian or vegan you are very welcome here but you will make your own meals from what we have on the farm. If you need special diet you are welcome to bring it yourself.

  • no money is involved