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Join us to create sustainable change in the lives of orphans and widows

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About the workproject

We need 6 volunteers

Formed in June, 2012, our project's activities consist of offering (1) organizational, operational, and financial assistance to Ugandan schools, beginning with a local School in Katosi, Uganda, (2) vocational training in trades which will both support the school and enable widows and older boys and girls to become economically self-supporting, and (3) health and wellness care and education to people living in rural Ugandan villages.

Our primary goal is that of helping to create strong economic community infrastructures, which are imaginable by the people living in those communities.

Our project takes a community-driven approach to developing the programs necessary to a healthy, self-sufficient community: early education, vocational training, basic health care and sustainable livelihoods.

We coordinate with organized groups of widows and community leaders in deciding what programs and projects are most necessary and desirable within the community. Our partners in Uganda endeavor toward self-sufficiency, and we seek ways to help every individual find a life of hope and dignity. The key components of our interactive development model are:

• Building and provisioning schools in Uganda
• Health Care and Health Education
• Introduction of vocational programs and small animal farming

We are a growing nonprofit that seeks people who are heartfelt about community issues, who would need to part of the growing organization.
We hereby want you to be part of the team, with whatever you can do physically and virtually; your efforts can reach the disadvantaged and under-served majorities.

we need volunteers interested or having skills to help us with;
1. Project design and development ( we want volunteers who can help us gather ideas into a project or program that can help the community)

2. Permaculture projects for orphans and single mothers ( this could be flower,vegetable,herbs growing)

3. with training the orphans in various areas such as drama, music, dance, sports,Story reading/telling.

4. we want help with administrative work such as blogging, social media updates & promotion, filming & editing village/orphan life stories.

5. Training computer ,business skills, crafts ,sewing, screen playing, movie acting and music to empower and giving a chance to village teenage mothers and orphan girls to discover and benefit from their talents.

6. Counseling and career guidance to orphans at the primary school.

Would you like to volunteer without leaving your home? just contact us. we have placements for virtual volunteers.....the sky is a limit! you can be involved in many programs, including web updating, online fundraising, volunteer recruitment (suitable for those able to mobilize volunteers), advocacy to our programs, ambassadorial positions and many more. just get in touch with us.

Your efforts today with our community shall remain productive for the next come and be part of the growing team, leave a trace of your work and get a certificate of appreciation!

we have four bedrooms for volunteers. these rooms are shared, with either more foreign volunteers or one of our Ugandan staff member, however, we ensure honesty and trust while living with others.

the house is located in the village, near the big Ugandan Lake Victoria and we use solar energy for lights and charging phones.

our working area is near a big lake, volunteers can go fishing with the local people, touring on islands and see the most beautiful African birds and animals.

Most of our volunteers lived here, enjoyed to the extent of not leaving. the cool wind, a school on uphill viewing the lake, abundant love and cooperation from local people.

On weekends, volunteers can go to the source of River Nile, rafting and forest walks

Because we have created an impact in the community by working to uplift it; you work with us shall remain continuous and productive, and this shall be accountable on you!

There are many gifts given to volunteers by the community people, in addition to the certificate of appreciation that we issue at the end of the volunteer time.
You will have much experience from the developing community, which could be an additional experience!A volunteer will work for 8 hours per day Monday to Friday and on weekends he/she is allowed to move out with one of our coordinators to places which make Uganda to be known as the pearl of Africa such as cool lakes,the source of the Nile in Jinja, mountains etc.

About the host

Henry (34)

Host since




I speakspeak and write English very well

Last seen online

more than 6 month ago

I am Henry aged 26 years, the assistant projects coordinator katosi Intercommunity Development Alliance(KIDA) which is a communitycommunity based organization
We have operated since 2012.

Project dates

Open for offers, contact us

Work to be done

  • elderly care
  • charity work
  • computer help
  • child care / au pair

Expected workhours

  • 8 hours a day
  • 5 days a week

Work exchange deal

  • shared room

  • shared meals

We do prepare all the three meals for the volunteers.

  • no money is involved