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Need help gardening, growing vegetables and/or building a natural swimming pool

World, Asia, Thailand, Tambon Chamni


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About the workproject

We need 2 volunteers

I'm a French man married to a Thai woman and living with her and our 3 children in the countryside of Isaan (Thailand), close to Nang Rong city in Buriram state. I love working with my hands but I have many projects and alone it's very sloooow.

Also I've been a very active CouchSurfing member, hosted more than 800 travellers in Paris when I was living there, and some in here too. I love hosting and meeting different people, and if these people can help me a little bit while I provide them living accommodation that's definitely a plus wink

About the host

Huafu (41)

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English, French, Spanish, Thai

French is my mother language. I can speak English and Spanish but I am not very good at thai.

Last seen online

more than 6 month ago

I am married since 2013 with my Thai wife. I used to live in Paris, France where I was an algorithmic adviser for an insurance & travel softwares making company. I then discovered CouchSurfing, worked for them and started travelling a lot from 2008 to 2012 when I moved to thailand in the country-side where I am now.

Project dates

Open for offers, contact us

Work to be done

  • gardening
  • construction
  • eco projects

Expected workhours

  • 4 hours a day
  • 5 days a week

Work exchange deal

  • private room, shared room

We have not super comfortable accommodation for you in that you will have to sleep on a mattress on the floor, but many friends/helpers who came didn't matter about that and I actually slept like that myself for 6 months with my wife when not yet had our own bed.

Anyway if the experience, your skills and the atmosphere make it so that you plan on staying and helping longer, we'll be happy to find it the reason to spend money buying a bed.

Here is more like Couchsurfing spirit way of stay if you know it, I'm not willing you to work too much and I'm providing meals in accordance! If you wish to help only one hour a day it's ok but then help us buying food or have your own meals wink

  • shared meals

It's all up to everybody and also how much you like my wife's food (but she's a great cooker).

If you prefer to go alone have your meal, it's ok. Tho eating together is always better

  • no money is involved