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Brazilian coast - Essencial Oil Garden, Lab and House need assistance to grow

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About the workproject

We need 2 volunteers

We are a small entrepeneurial space located in the Brazilian Northeastern Coast. We live in a small village of 6,000 unhabitants, close to organic open markets, bus stop and basic services - 20 minutes from Natal city. We also live 600 meters from the beautiful tropical Cotovelo Beach, a great beach for surfing, playing sports, meditating and getting full of yellow sand. Our house has a big garden with local plants and a pool that need some basic mantainance. We have also an outdoor kitchen where we distill medicinal plants to get hydrosols and essencial oils and where we minister our distillation courses once a month. We have also a big wild garden in the backyard, where we are planning to build a dry bathroom and to grow a medicinal garden based on the principles of permaculture. This is what we most need assistance with.

Our family consists of Carl, who is a guyanese botanist; Gretel, who is an argentinian anthropologist and our two children: Pedro (13) and Aimée (2). We speak three languages at home: english, spanish and portuguese, and live in a multicultural environment focused on education, research and close contact with plants. We harvest, prepare and sell cosmetics, medicines and perfumes 100% based on vegetal materials: tinctures, hydrosols, essencial oils, macerations and synergies. We sell them at ferias and other events, and also at our space.

Essencial oils have a high price tag on the market, due to the fact that is a labor-intensive process and also because of the wide arrange of health benefits they can provide. Hydrosols, another sub-product of distillation, are very little known despite their imense potential as human allies for improving the health conditions of individuals and communities. While Brazil is home of a variety of aromatic plants used to make essencial oils and hydrosols, there are currently very little destilleries and the culture of plant distillation is very unknown.

Our project focuses on introducing practical usages of essencial oils and hydrosols, by distilling local plants and creating value from what we consider is a hugh unknown natural treasure completely accesible. The distillers are easy to make and require only some basic treinment and tenacity to grow from experience. Disposition to work on a trial and error basis, criativity to deal with the unknown and a necessary desmistification of chemistry and science in general are vital to this activity.

Our next objective is designed around the desire to share our experience and knowledge on health, art and spirituality thru plants to people from all over the world. We are preparing our space for retreats where people can have the experience of being in touch with plants in a manner that can reset them and enrich their perspective of life. We are open to recieve people who can contribute to this project with their energy and talent. We believe in hard work with an objective, organization with inspiration and a engaged creativity. We have active, healthy children who love to play, move, read and learn. We also love silence and tranquility, and we are used to be active from early in the morning to early in the night. We are vegetarian, cook simple and functional food and enjoy exploring new details, tastes and creative dishes. We are non smokers and not frequent drinkers.

About the host

Ana (37)

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We are a truly multicultural, diasporic family. Carl lived part of his life in New York, United States. We have lived in different countries of South America, counting Guyana, Argentina, Peru, Venezuela, Colombia and now Brazil. We worked in the Amazon forest in research and development projects. Currently Gretel teaches qualitative methodology for health sciences at the Collective Health Program at the Universidade Federal de Rio Grande do Norte (UFRN) and Carl manages distillation, macerations and presses at our CocoYuyo Lab. Together, we are building the larger CocoYuyo educational-health project, that envolves learning thru a practical spirituality to get in touch with plants and their knowledge. Our two children are scholarized but we homeschool them too, sharing with them new experiences in contact with nature and peoplen their cultural, existencial diversity. We have learned and unlearned many things, and we stand for human autonomy in a world where human and mother nature rights can be honoured, and where people can be empowered to heal, teach and grow by themselves and with their communities.

Project dates

Open for offers, contact us

Work to be done

  • language practice
  • help in the house
  • teaching projects
  • maintenance tasks

Expected workhours

  • 5 hours a day
  • 5 days a week

Work exchange deal

  • private room

Private room. Mashing machine. Shared bathroom (with our oldest child, Pedro). Cultural exchange. Learning about plants; Getting to know Brazilian and Latin American culture.

  • shared meals

Cooking once a day for the family is asked. We eat all together at least breakfast and lunch. We are vegetarians smile

  • no money is involved